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Greetings, Northshield! I'm sure you're all wondering how the Northshield Website Profile Drive went last weekend. It went very well - we created a few profiles, fixed a few awards, added some authorizations, and merged some accounts. And, most importantly, demonstrated that a Northshield website kiosk actually works.

I will be at some events in the future with a laptop and will let the populace know where to expect me or a reasonable facsimile. (Some of my deputies may volunteer for shifts as well.) I may be at the heraldic consultation table or somewhere near it. Please use our expertise (and technology) to create a profile on the website! Or, as an added bonus, log in to check your profile and make sure that all of your awards, authorizations, and personal information is up to date! Are you missing a profile photo? We can change that! Need to merge two accounts so all of your awards appear in one list? No worries! Moved, but couldn't figure out how to change your group? I can help!

As mentioned before, having a profile - and having it up to date - is important if you want to recommend someone for an award, hold an office in the Kingdom, or authorize in any weapon style. If you are already a fighter, we track your authorized weapon forms based on that user profile. If you're a scribe, illuminator, or other artist we can keep records of your artwork and scrolls. If you're an officer, your reports are filed on the website. It's important and useful! And also fun!

See you at an event!

PS: You don't have to wait for the event. You can go to the website right now ( and click the button in the top right corner marked 'New Registration'. Create your profile today!

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Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 2/18/2016

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