Reinholdt von Trollenhagen and Her Ladyship Spike, mascot of Jararvellir Reinholdt von Trollenhagen and Her Ladyship Spike, mascot of Jararvellir

Minutes from 1-19-2008 - Nordskogen 12th Night

 Meeting started at 1:05pm, adjourned 2:17pm


X Hagan Joshua H. Mock King of Northshield
X Eilis mac Maurice Anne Hinseth Queen of Northshield
X Lars Wolfsblut Mike Luthner Prince of Northshield
X Mary of Carrigart Kate Luthner Princess of Northshield
X Katriona ni Chonarain Katherine Kretchmar Seneschal
X Innokenti Rublyov called Kenya Heather Cushing Exchequer
X Tristan von Eisig Darren Chermack Earl Marshall
X Osric of Fayrehope Wayne Morris Chronicler
X Maighread ingen Sean Paula Koski MOAS – outgoing
X Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev John Patrick Kowal Chirurgeon
X Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan Ross Quinn-Davis Law Clerk
X Marwen de la Rivere Gretchen Burnham Council Secretary


  1. Seneschal
    1. Law Change Proposals
      1. III-900, II-1000, V-2040 - Proposed change regarding passport requirements.  Proposal dropped.
      2. I-230 – change passed, must be read into court
      3. X-1220 – wording change for Scroll of Honor display. Passed, must be read into court
      4. Laws renumbering for clarity.  Pass – must be read into court
    2. Katriona is Acting Kingdom Youth Minister
  2. Exchecquer
    1. Currently the chirurgeon fund is for first aid supplies.  Need to also ensure that Chirurgeon has administrative budget, comparable to other Great Officers.
  3. Marshal
    1. Pay to Play versus Non-member Surcharge
      1. This is currently being discussed by Grand Council as well.
      2. Will work with Law Clerk to draft a proposed law revision for populace comment.
  4. Chronicler
    1. Corporate stipend has not kept pace with increased postage costs.  Northwatch is not currently financially self-supporting
      1. Moving to ½ size, will need to limit to 24 pages.  May not be able to publish full lists of deputies every month
      2. Electronic distribution of kingdom newsletters is disallowed
      3. Encourage fundraising/sponsorship options
      4. Consider a law change to allow for financial support from kingdom
  5. Kingdom Events Updates
    1. Spring 08 Coronation will be one week later than normal (April 19)
    2. Spring 08 Crown Tourney – approval given for venue change (Expo Center)
    3. Fall 08 Crown Tourney – bid received, pending review
    4. Coronation Decision Process – carry forward the trial for another reign and re-evaluate.
  6. Law Changes Read
    1. Court opened at request of Their Majesties, Caradoc herald.  Read in law changes I-230, X-1220, and law change renumbering

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/20/2008

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