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The Young Vicious Horde Story Arc - The Telling of the Tshuka Story

by Charissa de La Sirra

The Young Vicious Horde studied both real Mongolian history as well as SCA horde history. So each member could read and perform of one the great Mongolian myths. In honor of the Great Dark Horde, the group acted out the Commedia del Arte play, "Tshuka Steals the Crown" at two events.

Tshuka, Fiona and other members of Great Dark Horde had a sense of playfulness and mischief about the seriously self-important bureacratic snobbish parts of our SCA structure.There was a royal decree to bow to empty thrones with the crowns on them. The Horde consided empty thrones as about as empty a symbol as one can great and wondered how anyone could consider a crown important, if no one even bothered to wear it or guard it. Now from the other perspective, Great Dark Horde were a bunch of troublemakers who did not play well with others. From any perspective, it is an important part of our history.

The Comedia del Arte play, "Tshuka Steals the Crown" is about a real event in our SCA history, taken in its humorous terms. At one time, royalty used to just leave the crowns on the royal chairs. The play begins where Fiona and Tshuka are walking by the thrones and saw the crowns on the thrones, very unguarded. Fiona looks at Tshuka; Tshuka looks at Fiona. Tshuka snatches the crown. One group hands the crown around and around, right under the noses of the other group, who never spot the crown, no matter how obvious the clue. Finally, capes are raised all over the stage and the crown is magically back in place. The king declares that the crown shall never be unguarded again. Which is why, to this day, the royal room is guarded. You would think that someday, the ease of locks and keys would be discovered.

Posted by: Kit Marik syn Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 10/13/2007

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