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The Young Vicious Horde Story Arc - The Investiture of Gaius Niklos Luctator and Aramanthra the Vicious

by Charissa de La Sirra

Before Aramanthra the Vicious had left Mongol lands, in search of fame, fortune and exotic foods, she had been the favored war leader of the youngest group of warriors. So when this warrior group heard that Aramanthra the Vicious was going to rule and lead the far off lands of Northshield, the group resolved to join her. The group recruited a guide, the far traveler bard shaman, Charissa de La Sirra. She had that unusual strange name for she was an adopted Mongolian, In the dead of Winter, in the pathways made only of ice, they trekked to land of Northshield.

The young horde arrived just in time for the great festivities, celebrating the investiture of Gaius Niklos Luctator and Aramanthra the Vicious. The horde did not have much to wear, having dressed for hunting and hard travel. They did their best to look good. Their clothes were clean and long hair was braided and supported. so that it looked like the storybook character, Pippi Longstocking. On the foreheads of the female warriors was a bit of decorated weaving. with hanging strings of beads, done in Mongolian style.

Dedicated to Aramanthra's safety, the young horde went first into court, to survey for all threats, before Aramanthra was carried in by sedan chair. Walking in the deep knee walk of the hunter, with stern expressions, bows ready, the young warriors reviewed the entire court, checking for foes. The court roared in amusement, partially because no young person had ever threatened them before and partially because the young group was so very different. One of the assumptions about Mongols is that they always look Chinese, when it fact there are blond and blue eyed Mongols. The young horde was deeply amused that all sword and daggers had to be left outside of court, but bows and arrows were allowed.

In the second court, the young Mongol group was a bit more sneaky. Instead of sending in the group, they sent in the smallest fiercest warrior. This young warrior hid in the sedan chair. So when the court expected Aramanthra to step out, this fierce mean warrior checked them all out, bow ready in hand. Then the Dreaded Aramanthra the Vicious graced the court with her presence.

Mongols choose their peacetime and wartime leaders by having great discussions until a consensus is reached on who will be that leader. A wartime leader has greater powers, since speed and unity is essential in war. The young warriors had chosen Aramanthra the Vicious, as a wartime leader, but she had not been a part of the discussion. They were worried, being in strange lands without hunting privileges. So the group had their guide, who also happened to be scribe, draft a request in the European way, in great flowery language in writing on real paper. In court, the chosen representative approached Aramanthra with this special document. The Dreaded Princess Aramanthra turned the document every which way and since she could not read, she handed to Prince Niklos. Prince Niklos, glanced at it briefly. Reading documents written by mere clerks not being what princes do, he ordered the herald to read it.

Great was the joy of the young warriors, as Aramanthra nodded and smiled when the document was read. In the way of young people everywhere, they jumped, they nodded and everywhere, there were smiles. At the end of the reading, Aramanthra did indeed announce that she would indeed be their wartime leader, (great joy) with three conditions (worried looks).

The first condition was that young warriors would have to drink water.They were in shock, they staggered, they choked and they gasped. To understand the young warriors reaction, you should know that Mongols prefer to drink milk products, water is bitter, awful-tasting stuff that is what sour milk is to the Northshield people. The wise Aramanthra knew that there were not enough milk products available, the young warriors would have to drink water to live.

Then Aramanthra gave the second condition, that they would have to eat vegetables. At this point, some warriors began to gag, others were thumping them on the back. Great wails came from them. To understand this, you should know that Mongols have a fully balanced diet by eating all parts of the animal, something not done in the current lands. So, the wise Aramanthra knew that vegetables had to be eaten to keep the warriors strong. Eating vegetables to a Mongol is what eating innards is to Northshield people.

Finally, the third condition: the young warriors would have to learn to read and write Latin. Now the young warriors were actually all rolling on the floor in pain. The court was surprised and astonished, for these conditions did not seem onerous to them. Ahh, but these young people were great warriors, great hunters and great travelers. Reading and writing was for the sick, the injured, the maimed - those not good enough to be warriors and hunters. Mongols rarely learned to read and write. Even the stern Aramanthra relented, allowing that most of the time would be allotted to hunting. The young warriors recovered enough to stagger out of court, whimpering the whole way.

Thus began the odyssey of the Young Vicious Horde in Northshield.

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