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Spring Crown Tournament Requirements of Rhys and Gwenhwyvar

For those of you that have been keeping up with your Northwatch reading, congratulations, you will have already seen this. For the rest of you, a prettier copy of this is available on page 6 of the February Northwatch. Remember that family memberships now have access to the electronic downloads as well at

Below is the information for our upcoming Spring Crown Tournament.

Crown Tournament to be held in the Canton of Coille Stoirmeil on May 14th, 2016, A.S. LI. (Alternative tournament location in case of emergency will be announced next month.) 

Tournament Format 

If there are more than 16 entrants, we will have a pool tournament to choose a top 16. (Pool tourneys are where each person in the pool of fighters fights all the other people in that pool once with their weapon of choice.) 

If there are 16 entrants exactly, we will start with a 16-position Double Elimination Tree. 

If there are 9 to 15 entrants we will have a pool tournament to choose the top 8. 

If there are 8 or fewer entrants we will start with an 8-position Double Elimination Tree (with non-destructive bye fights if needed). 

If there is a pool portion to choose the 16 or 8 combatants, it will be a "bring your best of tournament weapon style" (6-foot max length). Shields must be able to be stood over and no wider than you can hug with fingers touching. The top X combatants from each pool (determined by the number of pools) will advance to the Double Elimination; any ties when seeding the trees will be determined with a round robin. 

Seeding for the pool tourneys will be done by order we receive letters of intent. Seeding for the double elimination portion will be done by random draw after we have our 8 or 16 combatants. 

Prior to the finals, all bouts in the double elimination portion will be best 2 out of 3 with choice in matched weapons determined by Precedence based on fighting awards; first:lower, second:higher, third (if needed):lower. No repeats on weapon styles. Once we reach the semifinals, the two losers' bracket combatants will need to win 2 out of 3 twice and the winners' bracket combatant 2 out of 3 once, in order to move to the finals. The Finals will be best 3 of 5 with choice of matched weapon styles determined by Precedence based on fighting awards: Low, High, Low, High, Low. No repeated weapon styles. 

Allowed weapon styles "for the Double elmination portion are bastard sword (4-5 foot), great sword (5-6 foot), pole arm (6-foot maximum), 6-foot spear (butt spike allowed), 2 single handed weapons, sword and buckler (18" max). 

If combatants do not have all the authorizations needed to use a particular weapon, it is suggested that they work on getting the authorization beforehand, otherwise a seax will be assigned for use. 

Rules of the list include a handshake at the end of the bout/ bouts to conform both combatants are satisfied. If necessary, Marshals will call hold and have the Combatants discuss blows. They will not call blows unless asked. 

Other Requirements 

All prospective combatants and their consorts must meet the minimum criteria in the Society Governing Documents, as well as the following requirements from the laws of Northshield: 

Each must be a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and have access to the Northwatch. 

Each must have been a subject of Northshield for one year immediately before the Crown Tournament. 

All prospective combatants and their consorts must be acceptable to the Presiding Royalty. 

No one under 18 years old may fight or be fought for in a Crown Tournament. 

No member of the Royal Family may either fight or be fought for in a Crown Tournament. 

One member of the couple must also affirm that they can and will maintain the ability to legally cross the U.S./Canadian international border for the duration of their reign, should they be victorious to ensure that they are free to travel to all parts of the Kingdom. 

In addition, and as allowed by Northshield law and tradition, Their Highnesses have the following additional requirements: 

All combatants and consorts must have an Award of Arms or higher award. 

All combatants and consorts must have prior experience in a reporting office. This would include being an officer at any level from local up to Kingdom; Autocrat or Event Steward; Marshals; and Heralds of the field. Please feel free to contact us for any necessary clarification. 

No visible modern equipment or clothing. 

Letters of Intent need to include these: Full contact information; current membership numbers and expiration dates; name and contact information of your chamberlain; and a clear electronic image of arms you will be fighting under. 

Please send letters of intent to Their Highnesses and the Kingdom Seneschal by Spring Coronation April 9, 2016 (midnight).

Posted by: Elis Godbeare on 1/22/2016

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