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Stallari Minutes from 12th Night 1/16

Stallari Meeting at 12th Night, January 9, 2016

Present: Seneschal, Polaris, MOAS, Laws Clerk, Webminister, Exchequer,KEM, TRM, TRH, Chronicler and Belle as incoming Chronicler.

MoAS – Incoming officer discussion brought forward from e-list. Mistress Eithni confirmed as new MoAS. Changeover to occur at Coronation. Suggested that incumbent discuss having other candidate(s) as deputy to develop skills.

Chronicler – Training ongoing, transition to take place at Coronation.

Polaris – Margaret has agreed to role of Polaris deputy. Katerinka continues to work on soliciting and creating a smooth changeover to the Signet office. At this time there is a planned overlap of 6 months.  For information: Rapier GOA submission was on the last letter of intent and the kingdom augmentation badges will be submitted on the next letter of intent. These badges offer a standardized badge for the use of the kingdom, allowing individuals to choose the augmentation image and going through the heraldic college as normal.

Seneschal – Fall Crown bid discussion. Event awarded to Nordskogen. Discussion of Coronation bids in hand. Several bids are pending.  The deadline was extended to 31 Jan 2016 to accommodate groups working on bids. Further discussion will occur after all bids received.

Law changes discussed. Minor word or grammatical changes for the most part and deemed not substantive.  

Clarification and reminder of what constitutes a kingdom event is being created and will be published via appropriate channels for the populace.

Exchequer – Approval requested to reimburse TANG for baronial polls costs.

Vote: all in favour.

Scribal kits and signet fund discussion. It was noted that the signet fund is most useful in paying scribes for postage as this is a high cost, repetitive expense. A proposed fundraiser is in process to seed the Signet fund to increase opportunities to offer reimbursement support to artists. Motion: To create a kit for optional distribution with sufficient supplies to create approximately 3 scrolls in recognition of ongoing scribal contributions.

Vote: all in favour.

Motion to increase travel fund to $1500 per reign, total, to be invested at the time of investiture as heirs and used from that time forward until the funds exhausted or the reign is complete, whichever is first.

Vote:all in favour.

Dedicated funds list to be discussed online and ratified electronically.

Exchequer to attend mandatory meeting in February taking place in Tampa, FL. Deputy is not available to attend at this time. SCA Inc.will be invoicing the kingdom for the cost of hotel and meals as the meeting will be taking place at a pre-selected site and will include working meals.Exchequer requests costs of airfare of approximately $400 to attend. Motion to approve Sefa’s attendance at this event and costs associated up to $700.

Vote: all in favour.

Meeting adjourned.

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir on 1/18/2016

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