Jacques Louis de Froi and Sorcha inghean Maille Jacques Louis de Froi and Sorcha inghean Maille

February Missive

Greetings from your friendly neighborhoodEarl Marshal,

Now that the Domesday has wrapped up, I'dlike to announce two policy changes that willgo into effect immediately.

In a continued effort to simplify theprocess we will be aligning the reportingschedules for all martial activities into oneset of dates. All activities will have thefollowing schedule:

Group Marshals, Group Marshals-in-Training,and Marshals-in-Training:
February 25
May 25
August 25
November 25

Marshals of the Field:
November 25

*Simon Morcar, Kingdom Rapier Marshal,and I are still discussing if the midyear reportfor Rapier Marshals of the Field is necessary.If we decide that it is no longer needed, I willannounce the change ASAP.

Group Marshals will now be asked tosubmit all practice waivers each quarterto their Regional Marshal. The RegionalMarshals will then submit all of the waiversto the waivers deputy.

A reminder: anyone who is not authorized,and can reasonably be expected to come incontact with the list field, should be signingthese waivers. This includes field heralds;individuals distributing water, getting closeto the action to take pictures, etc.

I have a few policy rewrites left on my agenda.Once these are completed I intend to updatethe marshals' handbook, which will have allof the changes published in them. Thank youfor your patience in dealing with out-datedhandbooks.


Ansila the Goth

Other missives from the Kingdom Earl Marshal
Posted by: Ansila the Goth Kingdom Earl Marshal on 1/11/2016

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