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The Tale of the Bandits and the Girl Scouts

by Charissa de La Sirra

At a delightful event called Silk Road, I brought my girl scout troop all in t-tunics and little rolled hats, that they had proudly made. I had a schedule, complete with a tableau play performance and classes to keep the twenty of them busy. Unbeknownst to us, others had plans to also entertain the young ladies.

So in the midst of grassy court, a huge band of middle eastern dressed bandits, black turbans covering their faces, swept in and snatched all of the hats. Who it was, we are not sure. Now, unbeknownst to the bandits, the young girl scouts had just finished several hours of self defense training and they were my girl scout troop, so they were not going to be victims. So they entirely mobbed and captured one of bandits. Fortunately, the bandit was wise enough to not try to use heavy force or I don't know what would have happened. The self defense training had included some very nasty blows.

The wise girl scout leader negotiated the trade of the captive bandit for the hats and a promise of no more mischief. The girl scouts were disappointed, they were in combative mood.

After telling this tale around a bardic circle, this cartoon was created by relative of one the bards (picture).

The Bandit and the Girl Scouts

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