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Stallari Minutes from Coronation 9/12

Stallari Meeting at Coronation September 9, 2015

Present: TRM Katsuo and Aethelflaed; Exchequer, Webminister,Margalit, Law’s Clerk, Seneschal, Chronicler, KEM, Polaris

Absent: KMoAS

Seneschal – One bid for spring crown and the contents will be sent to the group for review via the email group.

Exchequer  – Sefa’s2 year term is up in October. She is willing to remain in the position for additional time until a replacement is found however, according to Society rules, she may not remain beyond one additional year at most. She is, and asks that the council assist in actively seeking a replacement. To remain requires Stallari Council approval.

Vote: all in favour.

New deputy group: CERN who are responsible for conducting the book reviews for each group in the Kingdom. At the moment these deputies are located in Nordskogen however they hope to continue recruiting others from more distant locations to expand the communication/support reach. The new deputy group will also begin work on updating documents and templates to reflect Society practice and to facilitate branch Exchequer functions. Does council approve the new deputies?

Vote: all in favour.

The financial policy has been updated to include many clerical changes and to remove all the specific funds listed. After consulting policies in use in other kingdoms, a less cumbersome way forward was identified. Under the current system, all policy changes must be sent to and approved by the BoD. By removing them from this document the creation/change/alteration to these dedicated funds means a lighter administrative burden and streamlines the financial policy into a shorter and more on-point document. Does council approve the updated policy?

Vote:  all in favour.

Update on the results from letters to groups regarding reviews and outstanding reports.  As of right now, all groups are caught up on their reporting and have signed up for abook review. Some have never had a review of their books done since we became a kingdom. All but 2 groups have set a definite date and two are negotiating dates. All outstanding reports are now in, NMS submission is complete and the cheque will be sent to the Society promptly. 

A group continues to experience reporting challenges. A coach has been assigned to assist in ameliorating the situation with a review and re-assessment of the situation in 3 months.

Out-going Chirurgeon  – Paper files were sent to BoD in line with the deadline of September 10th. Shipping receipt provided for reimbursement. Electronic copies are not yet in hand from the web team. They are to be put on a thumb drive and will be hand delivered by Gabriel to the BoD. Teffen has them and will arrange for their transfer. Deleting them from an electronic record is going to be a challenge because of the integration of systems. When the new website becomes functional, any remaining data will be lost in that transfer. Old Stallari meeting notes etc. may still have attachments that are not specific to this office but that may contain some Chirurgeon related material. The current plan is to overwrite some database contents to remove all accessibility. Ongoing activity.

Webminister  – Deputies are cleaning up the persona database; and have found a few areas for improvement that they are working to correct. There may also now be a fix to the award recommendations database functions for Royal user convenience. Email summary to be provided following the meeting.

KEM – Clerk of Roster position has been filled by Gaia. Theodweard will be taking over as Central Region armored deputy.

KEM and Webminister to speak regarding a streamlining process that would create a reminder for waiver expiry dates. Waivers must be kept on file for 7 years and renewed every 7.

Chronicler – The team is currently revising the Chronicler's hand book. Some changes will be made to reflect current practice.At present, Society has indicated that changes are forthcoming however no timeline has been identified. They are also working on a ‘How to be a chronicler’ handbook which is independent of the rules document. It is anticipated that this will assist in recruitment of new chroniclers,particularly as it will include guidance on the technology that is sometimes a deterrent.

Polaris  – One applicant for Polaris at present. The administrative handbook will be completed by Crown.

Warrants signed – Margaret and Ansila outstanding.

Meeting adjourned.

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/15/2015

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