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Stallari Minutes from 9/15 - E-list compiled

Minutes from E-list 1 Jun – 1 Sep 2015 compiled

1 June – 1 September

Changes to Financial policy – Following the findings of an external audit conducted at the Society level, changes to Exchequer policy were distributed and take effect 1 July 2015. Sefa sent the document directly to all current exchequers and the materials are posted online under ‘Handbooks’ on the NS web page.

SUN bid – Windhaven approved.

Council approves the reimbursement of the travel expenses for Polaris to attend Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium.

Four bids received to host the A&S Triathlon event. Silfren Mere selected to host the event.

New documents outlining how to bid on Kingdom events and on the role of Council Secretary reviewed and approved. Posted on NS website.

Revised Armored Combat Handbook provided for comment and review. Approved. Posted on NS website.

HRH Katsuo seeking approval to use travel funds for out of Kingdom travel to two events in the Outlands. Approved.

Webminister seeking assistance in resolving membership issues with the Peerage email lists. The plan is to track down who isn’t on the mailing lists and ought to be and to fix errors as located. One deputy is creating a ‘sign me up’ self-invite to the lists. It still requires that they be invited and accept the invitation. This will bypass the site administrators needing to intervene each time someone needs access and will allow order secretaries to manage list membership once implemented.

Proposed change to Marshal Structure provided for discussion. The intent is to clarify process for all activities. Checklist approved for implementation and trial effective 1 Sept 2015. New marshals in training after September 1st will go through the full (new) process. Society level updates to mandated reporting and clearances for volunteers responsible for or having direct contact with children effective 1 July 2015. Update disseminated via the Seneschalate. 

Closing of the office of the Chirurgeon will take place on August 10, 2015. Laws and official documents have been updated to reflect this closure.

Arnbjorn Karlsson and Asdis Karsadottir resigned their respective positions. Mistresses Deja and Shava will fill these positions until permanent replacements can be found.

Revised Incident report form provided for comment. Further action resides with the webminister.

SUN Chancellor requested a Meet the Stallari panel at SUN. Council agreed and Gwen notified of sufficient interest to host this panel.

Nordskogen requested January 9 to host 12th Night. Approved.

Stallari meetings for the reign of Aethelflaed and Katsuo have been scheduled for Coronation and Nordskogen 12th night.

Request to reimburse Margalit for costs for mailing all relevant paperwork to Society. As the office is now closed, funds associated with this office have reverted to the general fund and approval is required for this expense. Approved.

Rudivale has requested the use of the Royal weekend in December to host Live by the Sword. Approved.

Equestrian Handbook has not been updated in a while and in view of some changes, Northshield would like to default to society rules. Approved.

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/8/2015

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