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Western Regional Chirurgeon

The Chirurgeonate in Northshield is divided into two Regions. The Regional Deputy is Responsible for assisting the Kingdom Chirurgeon in either the Western Region (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba and Western Ontario) or Eastern Region (Wisconsin, Michican Upper Peninsula) by monitoring membership levels, reporting compliance, and providing local assistance in problem mediation and resolution.

To apply for this position, please contact the Kingdom Chirurgeon at <>

Eastern Archery Deputy

Description of this position can be found at: To apply for this position, please contact the Kingdom Earl Marshal at

Kingdom Clerk of Precedence (CoP)

Maintain the Order of Precedence data ensuring all awardsare listed in the OP within 1 week after receiving the Court Report from theHerald. Work with the Kingdom Signet to list the reasons for the recognitions. Whena person forwards information to be added / corrected, CoP will update thedatabase in a timely manner.

Deadline for applications is 1 September AS47. Apply to Polaris Herald at <>

Deputies to Kingdom Chronicler and Northwatch Editor

The Kingdom Chronicler is responsible for publishing the Northwatch, overseeing all official newsletters, warranting and monitoring local chroniclers. Requires experience with desktop publishing software and reliable high-speed internet access. Experience with image editing software is a plus.

The Northwatch Editor does the final edits to the newsletter or does all of the layout and final edits, depending on need. This position is responsible for sending the final .pdf to the Society Publication Manager.

To apply for this position, please contact the Kingdom Chronicler at <>

Kingdom Earl Marshal

The Earl Marshal will promote safe and orderly conduct of combat in accordance with Society and Kingdom  rules and conventions. The Earl Marshal is responsible for the proper training and supervision of combatants and prospective combatants.

To apply for this position, please contact the Kingdom Earl Marshal at <>

Western Regional Rapier Marshal

To apply for this position, please contact the Kingdom Rapier Earl Marshal at <>

Transitions and New Groups Deputy

Lesser Officer reporting to the Kingdom Seneschal, this person oversees the process for recognizing new groups, as well as facilitating the process for selecting Landed Barons & Baronesses.  Skills needed: clear communication style, good access to email, attention to detail, and very organized.  This office will be turned over in January 2013, with the incoming officer shadowing the current officer for several months in order to observe the full cycle of baronial transitions. 

Applications due to the Kingdom Seneschal at <> by Oct 1.

Posted by: Elashava bas Riva Kingdom Chronicler on 1/21/2010

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