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Minutes from 09-14-2002 - Armorgeddon

Stallari Council Meeting September 14, 2002
Armorgedden, Border Downs

Present: HSH Kitadate-denka (Neil Gilmore); HSH Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert); Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barbara Coenen), Principality Chronicler; Mistress Liadan na Caimron (Barbara England), Principality MoAs; THL Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseweth (Jennifer McNitt), Principality Exchequer; Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen), Principality Seneschal; Lord Alasdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Welch) Polaris Herald; Lady Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur (Beth Hart-Carlock) Principality Chirurgeon; Captain Vladimir Volcovich Syehvrnielesov (Harry Kahan) Principality Earl Marshal.

Minutes by Lady Brigid inghean Maoileoin (Pat Larsen) Stallari Council Secretary.

1. Minutes. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.

2. Old business

A. Event Information Officer. The Stallari has received two applications for this position. The application from Aleksandra Drakonova was accepted.

B. NS Pavilion Status. Discussion was held as to whether the Stallari had decided to give away the pavilion or only the trailer during Niklos’ reign. It is possible that the Society does not want us to own that kind of property, and there is thought that we should give up the liability. Elashava asked that the minutes be checked and that it be put on the next agenda.

3. New business

A. Officer Expense Reimbursement Policy. Marisela pointed out the need for a policy because of what happens with Northwatch funds. So far she has advanced $528 to pay for it. It would be nice to have policy so we don’t go through this every reign, and not everyone can afford to advance that much. Do we want to have a cash advance fund? The last time the question of adding an account came up, Kingdom said no more accounts for us. It was thought that this one should be worth having. It will be dealt with on the list and finalized at a later meeting.

B. Coronet Funding (pre-approved loan). Small groups wishing to bid on a Principality event have a hard time laying out cash for deposits. If we advanced them the cash, we would be repaid off the top out of gross. It was noted that groups are afraid it will be perceived that if they have to ask for money they are too weak to put on the event. We should make it clear that there is no stigma, and put that in the bid packet. A policy will be written to the effect that $2000 may be advanced with no questions asked.

C. Fundraising Office. Gwen has had two applicants for the position, each with their strengths and weaknesses, but feels neither is quite right for the job. The position of Fundraising Officer is still open.

4. TSH

A. KEG –Review Petition Materials. The Stallari discussed the petition. Marisela is concerned about the contradictions in the laws and is uncomfortable with the populace not having input. It was noted that the changes to the laws are based on 400 populace responses to the questionnaire. Their Highnesses pointed out that these are draft laws and they will submitted with petition after poll is done. They will go to Society which works with an incipient kingdom to make sure everything is done right, then the first crown signs off on them. Eleanor says it is guaranteed that the Board of Directors will read laws and pick them apart.

The question is if the petition is now is sufficient to go to the Board of Directors. Marisela wants to make it available to the populace before the poll. She will begin putting it in the Northwatch this month. The expenditure to do so was authorized.

It was agreed that at this point the petition is enough to give to Kingdom and ask for a poll, with the understanding these are proposed laws.

B. Recommendation letters from the Kingdom superiors for Stallari members. Marisela read the letter she received recommending the Northwatch. Raito says recommendations from other kingdoms are trickling in. The Outlands and Ealdormere have already responded, and he spoke to Calontir this weekend.

5. LLH

A. Report. Fiskr reported that Robert got several letters of intent. Fiskr has picked up 2 or 3. The number is not yet 8. The alternate site, Boar’s Head, must be published in the Northwatch six weeks in advance.

6. Seneschal

A. Reports. Fiskr introduced himself as the new seneschal and reported that he had good meeting with the western regional seneschals last night.

B. Change of Officer Procedures. He has been working with Owen to create a better flow of paperwork for officer changes. When the method of flowing paper is perfected it can be used for other offices. Paper warrants are not strictly required – you are warranted if your superior reports you are and that information is published on the Northshield website.

7. Chirurgeon

A. Report. Chirurgeons don’t need change of officer forms. Geoffrey de la Bruge was Tatiana’s emergency deputy but can’t be Eleanor’s. Lord Douglas of Yorke will be the Western deputy and he will be good in an emergency. Eleanor will seek a replacement for the Chirurgeon General position if Friar Galen will be permanently deployed and unable to continue in that position. She will be starting a practice soon and would be unable to continue working in the Chirurgeon General position. She has 22 or 23 officers now.

8. Chronicler

A. Report. Marisela has been doing a month-by-month comparison report of costs. Last month cost $174.24 She has lots of subscriptions to start, and the circulation rate is close to 200 now.

B. Officer Reports for the Northwatch. She asked the Stallari members to get their reports in by the first of month.

9. Exchequer

A. Report. WW was a good fundraiser. She hasn’t received any expenses from officers yet.

B. Current finances. The financial report is attached and is a part of these minutes. On second sheet, unallocated funds, there are things for scribes we haven’t received. She also hasn’t heard anything from signets. She will follow up with the outgoing and incoming signets to make sure they know that they have allocated funds.

C. Discuss CD options for the endowment fund. There are funds available. The Northwatch account is still positive. We should turn over the endowment fund to a CD. Information is attached and is a part of these minutes. Interest rates are low right now and we need to change our savings account to something else because it ‘s under 1 percent. It was suggested that a short-term CD would be the best because the economy is up and down.

D. Elashava commented that Kingdom just increased royal travel rates to both the Coronet & Heirs’ travel funds to $100 each.

10. MoAS

A. Report. There is no major report but there are a few changes of officers.

B. Regional A & S Fair. Liadan is ready to advertise for bids for the Fair and will work with Marisela on something for the newsletter. Minnesota is the next place to have it. A person from Korsvag will do a pre-A&S and she needs someone in the east to do one as well. Tarja will help find someone. She would like to see more education on documentation so would like to do more pre-A&Ses.

11. Marshal

A. Report. Vlad did not do any prompting before the due date of the quarterly report and only two group marshals didn’t report. They were both shires he did not expect to report. Laws about group marshals not having to be marshals in training won’t be in Northshield laws. The situation at Mare Amethystinum seems to be resolved. There were almost 200 people on field at Armorgedden. Biggest he ever saw. Eleanor noted there were a lot of hand injuries.

12. Herald

A. Report. Alasdair got a second application for the Signet office but the first applicant had a major fire. He discussed a Herald that is on 6 months probation because of late reporting. He has had some good ideas about the submission process. Herald reports were not made during Saeric’s reign so he needs to go through boxes. He would like to get a regional event started, and was advised to contact the herald in charge of education.

13. Miscellaneous

A. Marisela asked if we need to get permission in writing to publish names/addresses of officers on the website. It was decided that since Lady Bettina is the incoming webminister, she will need to get permissions for the website.

B. The Stallari agreed that Randall of Turm an dum See should be officially named Officer in charge of the NS Pavilion now that he is stepping down as Shire Seneschal and Principality Webminister and will be a Deputy of the Exchequer. He was very helpful and diligent in camp at Pennsic.

C. Armorgedden: Making Armorgedden a Principality Event was discussed. Fiskr will ask the Regional Seneschal to work with them to apply for Principality Event status.

D. Gwen said that a new signature card is needed because of the change of office, and there should be 3 signatures on card. She would like Marisela to be the third signature, which was agreed.

E. Elashava thanked all for their help during the reign.

14. Next meeting. Was not discussed.

Posted by: Brigid inghean Maoileoin Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/14/2002

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