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Minutes from 10-06-2002 - Coronet

Stallari Council Meeting October 6, 2002
Coronet, Windhaven

Present: HSH Robert the Thunderous (Matt Wanat); HSH Isabella Falcão da Galinha (Kim Wanat); Lord Heir Leif Haakonson, called Grey Fox (Dennis Nedweski) and Lady Heir Astrid of the Yellow Rose (Nanci Nedweski); Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barbara Coenen), Principality Chronicler; THL Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseweth (Jennifer McNitt), Principality Exchequer; Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen), Principality Seneschal; Lord Alasdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Welch), Polaris Herald; Captain Vladimir Volcovich Syehvrnielesov (Harry Kahan), Principality Earl Marshal.

Minutes by Lady Brigid inghean Maoileoin (Pat Larsen), Stallari Council Secretary.

  1. Minutes. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
  2. Old business
    1. Pavilion Status – Fiskr reported that it still belongs to the Principality, and Society has no problem with group ownership of property. Marisela says that the previously discussed concern was the liability issue and that is why getting rid of it was discussed as well as the deterioration due to the paint. She is concerned about liability if someone got hit or injured transporting it because whoever transports uses their auto insurance and if you are helping to put it up your health insurance has to cover it. There are no current problems with it.
    2. Officer Expense Reimbursement Policy – Gwen explained that the Pale has a separate account set up under the supervision of an exchequer. Right now the Northwatch has everything go through Gwen and it’s not separate. It is probably best to leave it as it is for now. If we get a Chronicler that can’t afford to advance the cash for publication, an account will be set up. It is situational and will be finalized online.
    3. Fundraising/Publication Office. Two additional people are interested. Gwen will be talking with them in the next couple of weeks. Alasdair brought up a fundraising suggestion: collectible peer cards. Fiskr asked him to write up the suggestion and present it. The Fundraising office is still open.
  3. New business.
    1. Brigid brought a suggestion from the KEG that the Stallari set up a Regalia Committee. It was noted that Giovanna is working on a pictorial database and has the best control of regalia ever seen. It is stored at her house. She will be stepping down in 6 months and is planning to teach someone to take over.
    2. Spring Coronet bid – Nordskogen has bid for the Spring Coronet. A copy of the bid is attached. Stallari offered no objection; Leif and Astrid will look it over and give final approval after further study.
    3. Renaissance faire. Fiskr brought a letter from a man who wants us to help him build and put together a Renaissance Faire site and in return offers space in perpetuity. He pointed out that the Shakopee site was built this way and after a few years the SCA people were pushed out. It is traditional to get the SCA to build it, then kick them out. He recommends not doing it. If further discussion is needed it will be done online.
  4. TSH
    1. KEG – Review Petition Materials: Robert asked that everyone review the Kingdom petition and provide input. The laws are interesting and the Stallari will discuss them when the final version is available. Isabella emphasized the need that everyone in Northshield is aware of the poll and give their input. More people need to be signed up as members, and as long as you are a member when you fill out the poll it counts. She also pointed out the need to get Northshield into fighting again. There were only 38 fighters at Pennsic, 80 at Armorgedden while the Calontiri had 120. They will try to formalize a command structure with generals serving 2 or 3 years to provide continuity. There should be more practice-based gatherings that are not events to encourage smaller groups. Their Highnesses talked about a Royal Knights Progress like an A&S Progress. They want all current and former champions to form a Royal Vanguard, a pool of talent to draw on. Marisela wondered if that would include A&S champions?
  5. LLH
    1. We welcomed the new lord and lady heirs
  6. Seneschal
    1. Reports. Fiskr reported he had received 100 percent of the third quarter reports.
    2. Mennas March and Pipestone are no longer in service.
    3. There is a new rule from the BoD that no one under shire status gets a checkbook. There is also a new rule about a $3 non-member surcharge that cannot be avoided.
    4. Deputy Seneschal for Principality Events at Large. Fiskr cannot have the person he chose for this position, and now thinks he will spread the job out among the Regional Seneschals.
  7. Chirurgeon
    1. Report. The report was read in absentia by Fiskr. Things are going well. We have new Chirurgeons in training. We are not going to work on a new Northshield Chirurgeon’s Handbook until we finish the Society Chirurgeon Handbook.
  8. Chronicler
    1. Report Marisela has worked with ‘Rigo. Monthly updates to the laws and a membership form will be in the next Northwatch. The last Northwatch issue was larger than usual because of the Petition materials, and cost $305 to put out. That is $30 more than the previous one. Subscriptions are slowly growing.
    2. Webminister – permissions for use of name, addresses, phone and email information. Bettina is working on a template for permissions for names and addresses
  9. Exchequer.
    1. Report. Gwen handed out the financial report. At court she received a check from Rokecliff for $480. The Principality Fund is at $18,000 now; donations have been good this year. It was asked if we have reimbursed Duchess Caitlin? Robert and Isabella said that they have the receipts and there are still some materials to purchase
    2. Signature Cards The signature cards were finalized at the meeting.
  10. MoAS
    1. Not present.
  11. 11. Marshal
    1. Vlad has asked a group marshal to step down. The marshal in question has agreed that it is probably for the best. It has been hard to find a replacement but Robert will work on it. He said a Marshal in charge has to be a warranted MIT.
    2. Identification. Isabella noted that they are requiring that anyone marshaling on their list be marked.
  12. Herald
    1. Report. Alasdair remarked that the quarterly reports were a little disappointing this time although most shires and proto-incipient shires did ok. He has learned that Heralds-at-large don’t have to make any report except a domesday. He is consulting with Gevehard about keeping the Northshield awards structure or creating a new one.
  13. Next meeting
    1. The Stallari will meet again at Boar’s Head or on 12th night depending on the weather.

Posted by: Brigid inghean Maoileoin Council Secretary (KLO) on 10/6/2002

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