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Minutes from 12-07-2002 - Boar's Head

Agenda Boar’s Head, December 7, 2002

Present: HSH Robert the Thunderous (Matt Wanat); HSH Isabella Falcão da Galinha (Kim Wanat); Lord Heir Leif Haakonson, called Grey Fox (Dennis Nedweski) and Lady Heir Astrid of the Yellow Rose (Nanci Nedweski); Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barbara Coenen), Principality Chronicler; THL Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseweth (Jennifer McNitt), Principality Exchequer; Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen), Principality Seneschal; Lady Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur (Beth Hart-Carlock) Principality Chirurgeon; Lord Alasdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Welch), Polaris Herald.

Minutes by Lady Brigid inghean Maoileoin (Pat Larsen), Stallari Council Secretary.

  1. Minutes. The minutes were approved.
  2. Old business
    1. Collectable Peer Cards. Prince Robert noted that someone is already doing collectible knight cards
    2. Knight’s Progress—
    3. Incipient groups and checkbooks. Trewint is the only incipient group in Northshield that still has a checkbook. Vilku Urvas has handed theirs over. Skerrestrand never had one. Trewint is no longer in suspension.
    4. Online change of officer form – This will make life easier. The kingdom seneschal, Rosamund, says she will still need a signature for the change to be made, but we at least we will know it’s coming. It was noted that the new webminister "did an awesome job" on the Northshield website.
    5. Awards structure. Local KEG facilitators are being put in place.
  3. New business
    1. Royal Progress. Fiskr received an email from King Pieter and Queen Nan Astrid. They wish to make a 10-day Royal Progress in Northshield this summer. Fiskr has been asked to plan an itinerary for 2 different sets of dates: from Mad Dogs to WW … or from Armorgedden to Schutzenfest.
  4. TSH
    1. Report. Robert asked if anyone had found out about the awards we talked about at the last meeting. Alasdair is still checking into them.
  5. LLH . Astrid has been researching past Stallari minutes and has brought up 23 points about them. Most have been cleared up and the remainder will be put on the next agenda. Leif asked whatever happened to the tabards that were going around Northshield? After discussion it was decided that Gwen would look into getting good iron-on patches that we could sell as a fundraiser, and which could be used on tabards as well as other items.
  6. Seneschal
    1. Report. Fiskr listed seven points that need to be done for Northshield’s Kingdom process.
      1. Authorize someone to be in charge of the process. It should be a person who is always accessible. It was decided that Fiskr will do this.
      2. Get notices of the Poll in the Northwatch and Pale. An announcement should go out on the lists that you must be a member by Dec. 31 or you don’t vote.
      3. Decide who gets polled. Stallari decided that every member could vote but there would be a checkbox for over or under 18 so that everyone counts towards the percentage of polls returned. The polls will be sorted as to age.
      4. Decide on the timing of the poll. It was agreed that the poll will come out Feb. 1, will be due March 1, and will be handed in the third week of March so everyone has a chance to look it over before the Board of Directors meeting.
      5. Decide on handling procedures for lost polls. People will be responsible for obtaining their own replacement polls if they do not get one in the mail.
      6. Decide on the specific wording of the poll. Fiskr will choose suggested wordings from other kingdom polls and put them out on the list for discussion. Other poll questions came up including some of the wording of laws. It was decided to have an all day meeting to go over the bid packet line by line for a final look for errors and omissions. The meeting will be Jan. 25 in Sioux Falls.
      7. Approve funds for the poll. The Stallari approved an expenditure of up to $500.
    2. A new proposed law is going through Curia that every officer report goes to every other officer at the same level.
  7. Chirurgeon
    1. Report. Eleanor said she needs a new materials box because the handle is coming off. There are some new chirurgeons. She has a roster to be signed. It has been a nice quiet quarter. 11 out of 15 events have been covered. Armorgedden had many thumb injuries because of the design of a kind of gauntlet. She would like everyone to ask injured people where they got their gauntlet to see if it’s one manufacturer. Friar Galen will be coming back to the Chirurgeon General job Jan. 1.
  8. Chronicler
    1. Report. Marisela sent out sent out questions to seneschals asking if the shires had a chronicler. She found some seneschals are not the seneschals any more, and most groups don’t have chronicler. Many groups are struggling to fill the offices. There are 7 official webministers but 27 websites. Northshield subscriptions are pretty stable.
    2. Web proposal from Itasca. Itasca sent a proposal to Marisela and Bettina about low cost webhosting—do we as Stallari want to endorse this and publish it in the Northwatch? If we do, are we supporting a commercial enterprise? Stallari thought we should be consistent on this and not endorse this commercial enterprise, but should let people know unofficially that it is available.
  9. Exchequer
    1. Report. Gwen has not been able to fill the fundraising position so she will be doing it herself. She has had trouble finding donations but has received checks from Caer Anterth, Rokecliff, Western Keep and some miscellaneous donations from individuals. Giovanna, who is doing fantastic job on regalia, is stepping down at coronet. Gwen will write a job description for the Northwatch.
  10. MoA&S
    1. Report. Liadan was hoping to have a bid for the A&S Fair but is having trouble finding someone to host it. She already has a host for the western one for next year. Reporting has been very good with about 96 percent of shires reporting.
  11. Marshal
    1. Not present.
  12. Herald
    1. Update on awards
      1. Resubmit Persephone's Circle. Alasdair will resubmit it and does not know why it did not pass
      2. Children's Award. He has been talking to people to try to find out how to document award names.
    2. Royal Vanguard organization? Alasdair talked to two current members who said the vanguard had no duties. Membership is not automatic, but by royalty whim. Isabella would like to set it up as a tool any royalty can use for guard duty, on the field, processional duty, helping out. Possibly in charge of the sword and spear of state. Alasdair will work on it.
    3. Northshield Pursuivant's Handbook. Richard is working on it; he has an outline, getting people to write articles.
    4. Keythong Herald. Morag was protegeed to Richard last night and he will work with her on setting up checklists etc.
    5. Alasdair has talked to approximately 10 of the most active heralds who, with Alasdair and his deputies, think we should abandon the current awards structure and start over. The majority of the 180 responders to the online award structure questionnaire (out of 900 paid members) wanted to keep them and assign precedence but he does not feel that is enough responses to judge what should be done with the awards.
  13. Next meeting: January 25, 2003

Posted by: Brigid inghean Maoileoin Council Secretary (KLO) on 12/7/2002

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