Sadb ingen Suibne and Robert mac Cormaic Sadb ingen Suibne and Robert mac Cormaic

Minutes from 01-24-2003 - Special Session

Stallari Meeting
Jan. 24, 2003 -Shire of Borders Downs

In Attendance: HSH Robert the Thunderous (Matt Wanat) Prince of Northshield; HSH Isabella Falcao de Galinha (Kymm Wanat) Princess of Northshield; HE Sir Leif Haakonson (Dennis Nedweski) Lord Heir; HE Astrid of the Yellow Rose (Nanci Nedweski) Lady Heir; THL Fiskr Hammondsen (Jon Larsen) Principality Seneschal; Lord Alisdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Walsh) Polaris Herald; Lady Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth (Jennifer McNitt) Principality Exchequer; THL Vladimir Volcovich Syehvmielesov (Harry Kathan) Principality Earl Marshal; Mistress Liadan na Caimron (Barbara England) Principality MoAS; Lady Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur (Beth Hart-Carlock) Principality Chirurgeon; Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barb Coenen) Principality Chronicler; and Baron Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan (Ross Quinn-Davis) representative of the KEG laws committee.

Minutes by: Baroness Marisela

  1. Minutes – approved as corrected
  2. Old business
    1. A. None
  3. New business
    1. Discussion of the use of the Stallari list by members and non-Stallari members.
  4. TSH
    1. Martial progress – Robert is receiving verification from a couple groups. The progress is from March 22 - March 29. It will be starting at Mistig Waetru and finishing in Border Downs.
    2. Order of the Hearthstone – TSH want to modify it to give it to individuals. They will do it as a Royal edict during their reign.
    3. Discussion of the event bid process, how to get things on the calendar and the fact that the incoming coronet determines the theme of the event but needs to work with sponsoring group on how the theme will be implemented.
    4. Chieftains in Calontir – Profit from this event is going to Northshield. The A&S entries will be donated to Northshield. The event is Feb. 22nd. Isabella is looking into this further. They will be in attendance. We need to get the word out to people to attend.
  5. LLH
    1. Azure Mere – The members transferred to Rockwall but the transfer did not go as it was supposed to. Azure Mere doesn’t play with Rockwall. After discussion it was determined that the people should make a determination where they want to play. Fiskr has requested a zip code list and will do an informal poll of the people.
  6. Seneschal
    1. Principality is supposed to hold Althing or moot. Nordleigh has offered April 18th, which is against Fighters School. One option is to work with regional seneschal to find individuals dates within each region. Suggested Tor Aerie’s Don’t Drink the Water. It was discussed that this could be a part of the progress and done as small mini-moots with the local seneschals to get input in advance from those who can’t attend.
    2. Domesday – Discussion of poor wording in one of the groups Domesdays that was presented. Also we have 100% reporting for two quarters in a row.
  7. Chirurgeon
    1. We are happy campers. Discussion of giving chirurgeons small favors as a thank you.
  8. Chronicler
    1. Discussion of Domesday
    2. State of the Principality – We will do this again as an addition to the March issue. It will then be converted to .pdf and put it on the web. We will print extra copies for distribution at the progress.
    3. Discussion on how to do the Northwatch after going Kingdom. The risograph is cheap printing but doesn’t collate. Collating takes several hours for 200 copies and will be very time consuming with 700 copies. Discussed the possibility of printing through a printer after the Pale subscriptions move to the Northwatch due to the issue of the time involved with collating.
  9. Exchequer
    1. Deadline for Domesdays is the end of January. It’s being done differently than last year in order to ease the transition to kingdom.
    2. Iron-on Transfers – Gwen hasn’t been able to find an online company to do the transfers. Can’t find commercial company that does it due to the cost. Fiskr suggested talking to Purple. Gwen will keep on looking after her Domesday is done, but is open to suggestions.
  10. MoAS
    1. Liadan invited everyone to the March 8th Principality A&S to be held in Pipestone.
    2. Discussion on the confusion regarding getting this bid. The Shire of Inner Sea contacted her in late December with questions about A&S mistakably thinking they were approved for the event and put it on the calendar. Meanwhile Pipestone came through with an actual bid, which was approved and put on the calendar.
  11. Marshal
    1. We currently have no Principality Archery Marshal. Hrothgar the Lucky, the emergency deputy is doing the job now. He has also applied for the position. This opening will be republished in the Northwatch with a deadline of the end of March. Vlad will make sure any missing reports are taken care of, as Kingdom has not gotten a report in almost a year. This was due to extenuating circumstances in the former archery marshals life of a personal nature.
    2. Discussion of death from behind while in battle.
    3. Master Julio will act as the local martial coordinator for Quest for Camelot.
  12. Herald
    1. Domesday – all groups reported before the cutoff.
    2. Awards Update –
      1. Persephone circle has moved on to external commenting. Alasdair is trying to document the use of a ring and thinks he has found a source for its use.
      2. Discussion on how heralds are to document awards on submission.
    3. Heralds List Online
      1. The list of warranted heralds is on the webpage.
      2. Alasdair will try to get the blazoning of the Northshield awards posted on the website.
    4. The Heraldic symposium is still a go and is a free event. There will not be a nonmember surcharge, as the site will not let us collect a fee. There will be a dessert revel. Thirteen classes are already scheduled. A message will be circulated to try to get one person from each group to send representative.
  13. Next meeting – Coronet unless something comes up with the Kingdom bid. If it does we will try to discuss it online before scheduling a meeting.

Posted by: Brigid inghean Maoileoin Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/24/2003

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