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Minutes from 05-10-2003 - Coronet

Stallari Meeting:
Coronet, May 10, 2003 -Barony of Nordskogen

Present: HSH Astrid of the Yellow Rose (Nanci Nedweski) Princess of Northshield; HE Anne Geofferys of Warwick (Nancy Cuno-Schmitz), Lady Heir; THL Fiskr Hammondsen (Jon Larsen) Principality Seneschal; THL Alisdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Walsh) Polaris Herald; THL Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth (Jennifer McNitt) Principality Exchequer; THL Vladimir Volcovich Syehvmielesov (Harry Kahan) Principality Earl Marshal; Mistress Liadan na Caimron (Barbara England) Principality MoAS; Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barb Coenen) Principality Chronicler; Lord Douglas of Yorke, and Lady Brigid inghean Maoileoin (Pat Larsen) secretary.

Minutes by: Lady Brigid

  1. Minutes
    1. The minutes of the special session dated 1/24/03 were approved.
  2. Old business
    1. There was no old business
  3. New Business
    1. It was agreed that any new business would be included by each officer in his or her report.
  4. TSH
    1. Her Highness Astrid explained the new children’s awards that were given for the first time this day: The Griffin’s Gem, The Pictor and The Orion.
  5. LLH
    1. The new Lord and Lady Heirs were welcomed. HE Anne said that she and Aubrey were excited to be there.
  6. Seneschal
    1. THL Fiskr said that he is getting some SCA brochures from the Chatelaine and thinks the job of getting them published should be put under the publications officer. It was moved and seconded that $50 be set aside to have samples printed.
    2. Fiskr noted that Master Owen is now seneschal of Nordskogen and is looking for someone to take over the job of principality database minister. Mistress Liadan suggest Etienne. A replacement is needed by the first of July.
    3. There are 3 bids for the Fall 2003 Coronet – Coldedernhale (Pierre), Midwinde (Minot) and Castel Rouge (Thunder Bay). Pierre is the easiest, Castel Rouge is the most profitable, but Minot has put in a bid several times and have always been turned down. A decision will be made online after the Heirs have had a chance to read the bids.
  7. Chirurgeon
    1. Eleanor has had a loss in her family. Her emergency deputy, Lord Douglas of Yorke, was introduced.
  8. Chronicler
    1. Publishing the Northwatch. At the recent heraldic seminar the issue of publication was brought up. When we go kingdom, we need professional publishing, which brings up the question of What to do with the risograph? People should start thinking about it. It was a major investment. It doesn’t collate. Takes 8 hours to print what we have to publish now, and we will have 700 copies when we go kingdom. The option of adding a collating device has been explored and is not feasible. The risograph will be obsolete when we go kingdom but it could be used in the publications office for handbooks etc.
    2. Assuming we go kingdom in July, Marisela will be stepping down just as a new crown takes office. She wonders if she should extend or quit now. Fiskr says that will happen to a lot of us. Early would mean next coronet. We should all be thinking about this issue.
  9. Exchequer
    1. THL Gwen handed out a hard copy report. We are still making money and have lots of donations. She moved some money from checking to savings because of interest. There is now a children’s account.
    2. Tarja, who is stepping up at court today as fundraising chair, is looking into a tabard fund. For  publications, Libbet is going to sell Known World Handbooks at the North Star table.
    3. Gwen is looking for a deputy to help with other things she does so she can stay on as exchequer. Had some email problems that are fixed now.
    4. Regalia minister … Giovanna likes the person who applied and will do some training. She will work out when he steps up.
  10. MoAS
    1. The MoAS report was sent online.
  11. Marshal
    1. THL Vlad asked if there is regalia for lesser officers … we don’t think so. Would that be a good thing to do? Even a baldric or tabard? Mistress Liadan asks if we could post on NS list that we need some tabards. It will be looked into.
    2. He wants to advertise for a replacement as of July 1 and will step down Oct. 1.
  12. Herald
    1. Master Gevehard von Baden is the new Kethong Herald, and THL Moraig is now the Aegis Herald, which is and education officer and deputy to the Keythong Herald.
    2. THL Alasdair will step down in December but will work on a replacement.
    3. THL Moraig is offering matching funds for purchase of name and device books.
  13. Next meeting
    1. The next meeting will be at WW.

Posted by: Brigid inghean Maoileoin Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/10/2003

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