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Minutes from 07-12-2003 - WW X

Northshield Stallari Minutes
WWX - July 12, 2003

Present: HSH Leif Haakonson (Dennis Nedweski); HSH Astrid of the Yellow Rose (Nanci Nedweski); Lord Heir Aubrey Swyftwater (Steve Monthony) and Lady Heir Anne Geofferys of Warwick (Nancy Cuno-Schmitz); Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barbara Coenen), Principality Chronicler; Mistress Liadan na Caimron (Barbara England), Principality Minister of Arts & Sciences; Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen), Principality Seneschal; Captain Vladimir Volcovich Syehvrnielesov (Harry Kahan), Principality Earl Marshal; Lady Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur (Beth Hart-Carlock) Principality Chirurgeon; Lord Alasdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Welch), Polaris Herald; and HRH Alasdair MacFhearghuis (Chris Dark).

Minutes by Lady Brigid de Bec (Pat Larsen), Stallari Council Secretary.

  1. Minutes. The minutes were approved online
  2. Old business
    1. Regalia committee. We need to create this committee, which will be overseen by the exchequer (not present). Fiskr says we should assume Northshield will receive approval for its Kingdom bid and proceed as if we are. Eadric Birdslayer from Fargo is the new regalia person. It is recommend that he select regional deputies, and ask Tarrach and Fina to be mentors. This will become the regalia committee. The stated purpose of the committee is to plan crowns, determine what new regalia is needed, do research into it, and solicit designs and bids to be brought before the Stallari. There will be no special regalia fund; general funds will be used. This will be discussed online to get firmed up.
    2. Kingdom bid concern. Marisela received an email from Midrealm Seneschal Rosamund saying the bid is missing letters of approval from the officers’ Midrealm Superiors (except Seneschal and Herald). There is concern that the Northshield Herald is resigning and a replacement has not been named. Officers should contact their Midrealm superior and make sure a letter is sent.
  3. New Business
  4. TSH
    1. Randall’s Internet Store has items with logos and we get a percentage of sales. Leif says we need ideas like this to keep money flowing into principality and continue at kingdom level. We should encourage Randall in his endeavors.
    2. Tarrach has an idea for running Armorgedden and possibly Quest. Problems with Armorgedden and possible solutions were discussed. HRH Alasdair asked if anyone has thought about swapping years with Calontir because people he knows there would be agreeable. We cannot do that until we are a Kingdom. Outlands would be interested in that arrangement for Quest and is waiting for us to go Kingdom. HSH Leif pointed out that an event must be run like a business.
    3. Official sanction/endorsement of sub-groups; or Charters for Fencing School. They would have written documents with rules of behavior, and would enjoy Royal sponsorship or have some other great patron. HSH Astrid talked about a proposed charter for a group called Guardians of the Light, an idea along the line of chartering a school. Fencers could become a part of guardians where they would play to viscountesses, queens and princesses. The group would have a purpose as Griffins’ Company never has. Astrid says Baron Rigo wrote the proposal . It was asked, "what about conflict with White Scarves because they play to the queen?" If you have Guardians of the Light who are doing that, there is potential hurt feelings with White Scarves. Fiskr says there are ten kingdoms and they all play it their own way. Astrid said that this group would be a way to modify mindsets and behaviors without going through official channels. Focus needs to be brought back to rapier. Griffins’ Company has structure but has no leadership now. The Guardians have no structure and all are equal.
    4. Crown/Coronation timing. If the BoD approves our Kingdom bid, there will be a Spring Crown Tournament. His majesty plans to announce the BoD’s decision and the timing of the Crown Tourney at Rose Tourney.
  5. LLH
    1. Kingdom Preparations – Lesser Officer and Deputy Structure. HE Anne said that the Spring Crown timeline provides us an opportunity to set up Great Officers and get the reporting structure going. The new king and queen will not have to struggle with it. We can take some of the KEG’s membership in to establish a reporting system, and have central focal points and responsibilities to handle info and coordination. Officers will always know who they should be talking to. We should implement the structure now. There will be dual reporting for a short length of time. It was agreed.
  6. Seneschal
    1. Vilku Urvas advancement. Paperwork for full status is in Fiskr’s possession.
    2. Althing Deputy –Christian d'Hiver was approved.
  7. Chirurgeon
    1. Report. Issues affecting safety services at WW this year were discussed. One fighter had a fractured clavicle but was treated and is back on site. We have gained 2 more chirurgeons and a couple of apprentices in the last month.
  8. Chronicler
    1. Printing options and prices. Can be discussed online. It will cost about $600 an issue not including postage. We do not have enough reserve to do that for long. There are no applications for position of Chronicler.
  9. Exchequer - The Exchequer was not present.
  10. MoAS
    1. Report. Was made online and there is nothing new since then.
  11. Marshal
    1. Report. This year WW is running good.
    2. Youth Marshal question. Vlad wants as few Lesser Officers as possible; Midrealm has too many. We only need those in charge of other martial art disciplines. Rest of them can be deputies, like Youth Marshal. Having deputies is a better way because when The Officer goes the deputy goes. That’s why Youth Marshal not in the laws, and he thinks the reason should be put down somewhere (perhaps in the policies), and in the minutes.
    3. He has had some great applicants for his position.
  12. Herald
    1. Financing submissions. Should it be through the Northshield General Fund or have its own fund? Elena, the Dragon herald and Midair, the MK Exchequer have advised to set up a separate account. He will talk to Gevehard about a stipend for a cash advance.
    2. He has sent out Northshield’s first external letter.
    3. At some point we will need to talk about awards.
    4. He is holding a Herald’s meeting today and they will talk about the Northshield College of Heralds.

Next meeting will be Saturday at Armorgedden, September 13. Vlad suggested that he could invite Calontir to sit in when we talk about reorganizing Armorgedden. It was noted that we should invite Border Downs to this discussion as well.

Posted by: Brigid inghean Maoileoin Council Secretary (KLO) on 7/12/2003

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