Magisterfrater Giles Devon, on the archery line Magisterfrater Giles Devon, on the archery line

Minutes from 09-13-2003 - Armorgeddon

Stallari Meeting:
Sept 13 2003 -Armorgedden

Present: HRH Alasdair MacFeargus (Chris Dark) Prince of the Middle Kingdom; HSH Leif Grayfox (Denis Nedweski) Prince of Northshield; HSH Astrid of the Yellow Rose (Nanci Nedweski) Princess of Northshield, HE Aubrey Swiftwater (Steve Monthony ), Northshield Lord Heir, HE Anne Geofferys of Warwick (Nancy Cuno-Schmitz), Lady Heir; THL Fiskr Hammondsen (Jon Larsen) Principality Seneschal; THL Alisdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Walsh) Polaris Herald; THL Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth (Jennifer McNitt) Principality Exchequer; THL Vladimir Volcovich Syehvmielesov (Harry Kahan) Principality Earl Marshal; Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barb Coenen) Principality Chronicler’ Mistress Liadan na Caimron (Barbara England) Principality MoAS; Lord Douglas of Yorke, Deputy Chirurgeon; and Lady Brigid de Bec (Pat Larsen) secretary.

Minutes by: Lady Brigid

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written.

Their Highnesses Leif and Astrid led a discussion of problems associated with Armorgedden, past and present. Issues included: no day tripping fee, not enough help for running it, site problems, portapotties and internal politics. Tarrach has been working on getting things ironed out and it was felt he should continue. One option is looking for a different site and planning a new interkingdom event.

Their Excellencies Anne and Aubrey reported that there are 22 on the Coronet list. They have had good contact with the autocrats at Minot, and had details of the size of the auditorium, showers, and additional rooms for royalty. The tourney will be a round robin. The 8 people with most kills will be the actual coronet tourney which will be double elim. There are two other activities on the site at the same time.

THL Fiskr. Groups. Vilku Urvas has applied for full status. A new shire, Noiregarde, has been started in Fiskr’s home town of Spearfish SD. A group is forming between Schattentor and Midwinde. Administrative. He is starting to put people in place for paper flow. We should get our own waiver secretary. He would like to see group reports come to him first, and then be forwarded to the Kingdom Seneschal Rosamund.

HRH Alasdair asked all Stallari members to come to Curia at Fall Midrealm crown in Caer Anterth tp discuss this sort of thing..

Exchequer. THL Gwen passed out financial reports. Some income has been added to the travel fund. She asked for receipts from officers. The report shows Leif and Astrid as having a negative sum but it doesn’t include the Midrealm travel fund. Aubrey and Anne have funds. Tarja has been doing a good job in fundraising. Anne asks what happens to the travel fund if they don’t use it (it goes back to general fund). HRH Alasdair says in the Midrealm the money stays there and next reign draws on it.

Mistress Liadan made her report online.

Sgt. Vlad. He has asked the current clerk of the roster to find a replacement because when we go kingdom lesser officers will become deputies to the earl marshal. Jobs should rotate more often. He reviewed the resumes of applicants for Earl Marshal.

THL Alisdair. Yehuda is the only applicant for Herald. He has started a heraldic account for money. Gevehard is now doing letters on device submissions. A new device for Persephone’s Circle has passed and the old device is released. Heralds are already filing everything through him. Society has already seen Yehuda’s application and approved.

Lord Douglas for the Chirurgeon. There is no written report but Eleanor is still working on draft of handbook and recruitment is going on. Pennsic was a Marathon. He will attend Stallari at Coronet.

HE Marisela. There have been no official applicants for the job of chronicler. How can we get more people to apply? People are intimidated by the job. Fiskr says the office will change. When we go kingdom subscriptions will increase. He has priced having the mailing done professionally and it is within our means. We should try to get more applications. Marisela is stepping down at Boar’s Head. HRH Alasdair says we should be grooming people to step into our jobs. Every office. Seneschal regionals should be at meetings. HE Anne talked about a SCA convention in which officers are trained.

Next Stallari is at Coronet. Then Stallari should go to Crown for Curia.

HE Aubrey asked about the Regalia Committee. People want to do things for the crown and we don’t know what to tell them. Gwen is going to oversee it. She will contact him again. Tarrach and Fina are going to be on committee. We could be overworking them. A Regalia Minister should be setting up committee. Gwen thinks a wish list website would be a good thing to have and will put it together.

There should be a day-long Stallari meeting with the first Crown to get them up to speed.

Respectfully submitted

Posted by: Brigid inghean Maoileoin Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/13/2003

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