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Minutes from 10-04-2003 - Coronet

Stallari Meeting:
October 2003 - Fall Coronet, Midewinde

Present: HRM Guenièvre du Dragon Vert (Jennifer Dark), Queen of the Middle Kingdom; HSH Aubrey Swiftwater (Steve Monthony) Prince of Northshield; HSH Anne Geofferys of Warwick (Nancy Cuno-Schmitz) Princess of Northshield; HE Hrodir Vigageirr (Sam Swalley) Northshield Lord Heir; HE Giulia Isabella da Venezia (Nicolette Deplazes) ; THL Fiskr Hammondsen (Jon Larsen) Principality Seneschal; THL Vladimir Volcovich Syehvmielesov (Harry Kahan) Principality Earl Marshal; Lord Friederich von Augsburg (Jim Hoehn) Principality Chronicler Designee; Mistress Liadan na Caimron (Barbara England) Principality MoAS; Lord Douglas of Yorke, Deputy Chirurgeon; Lord Yehuda ben Itzak (Michael Scott Schappe), Polaris Herald designee; HE Elashava bas Riva (Susan Gilbert), Northshield Deputy Seneschal; and Lady Brigid de Bec (Pat Larsen) secretary.

Minutes by: Lady Brigid

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written.

A list of officers who are stepping down: Vlad; Liadan (at Spring Investiture); Alisdair (at Boar’s Head); Marisela (at Boar’s Head); Eleanor(at Spring Investiture but she is applying for a Society position and the transistion will be in the Spring); Gwen (in the Spring). Fiskr has applied for an extension but will quit early if the extension is not approved, so that someone else can step in before Northshield’s first Crown tourney. Three people have expressed interest in the Seneschal position. This will be discussed at the next Stallari meeting.

Aubrey wonders how the Kingdom Regalia committee is doing. Anne asked if there is an official write-up of the reporting structure (yes, it is in the laws). This reporting structure should begin now, and Fiskr thinks it is one of the things to be discussed at the next Curia.

Anne would like to have a Stallari meeting at Shattered Oak, Nov. 15 at Buffalo Snit.

Aubrey has talked to Christian d’Hiver about Althing. The Northern one will be in Darkstone, a small shire trying to become full-status. It will be good for them to hold it.

Fiskr – 100% of the shires reported last quarter. Rivenwood is about to fold but there is a new incipient shire on the North-South Dakota border. HRM Guenièvre said Alasdair has been talking to them. Vilku Urvas should be approved for full status very quickly now. Tarrach has become Fiskr’s Deputy for Principality Events, which makes him the Principality Autocrat. Caradoc is his law clerk. It will be seen on email that the Clerk of the Seneschalorum will have warrants listed online. We need a waiver secretary. Society is serious about waivers, and is suspending groups for not submitting waivers. A majority of the groups and marshals in Atlantia were suspended for a while to get the point across.

Yehuda – Herald reports are coming in. There have been two applicants for the Herald job. Alisdair has asked all his deputies to find replacements.

Douglas – Nothing new to report. Eleanor has asked for an extension. Recruitment is ongoing. He is coming up with a new chirurgeon’s packet.

Friederich will be Marisela’s replacement – many local chroniclers have not been sending newsletters to Kingdom and therefore have no warrants. He would like input for possible new content ideas. No editorial content but lots of diverse interests.

Aubrey would like to see more frequent updates to the website and have the photo gallery updated.

Fiskr noted that court lists need to be sent to the Northwatch now rather than the Pale. All officers are asked to report at the Curia meeting.

HRM asked about the status of officer handbooks. She suggested that final drafts be ready by Northshield’s first Crown, and recommends the format of the Middle Kingdom Marshall’s Handbook.

The next meeting will be at Buffalo Snit Nov. 15

Respectfully submitted


Posted by: Brigid inghean Maoileoin Council Secretary (KLO) on 10/4/2003

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