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Minutes from 11-16-2003 - Buffalo Snit


Stallari Meeting:
November 16, 2003 - Buffalo Snit, Shattered Oak

Present: Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen) Seneschal, HSH Aubrey (Steve Monthony), HSH Anne (Nancy Cuno-Schmitz), Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseweth (Jennifer McNitt) Exchequer, Maol-Mhichil mac Ghille-Pheadair (Michael ‘Mikey’ Shappe) Incoming Herald, Vladimir Volcovich Syehvrnielesov (Harry Kahan) Marshal, Friedrich von Augsburg (Jim Hoehn) Incoming Chronicler, Cassandra Antonelli (Lee Norton) Incoming Marshal, & Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert) Secretary and Seneschal’s Emergency Deputy

Minutes by: Elashava bas Riva

*Denotes action item

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written (except spelling of Mikey’s name—see correction above).

  1. TSH:
  1. Coronation and Crown bid.
    1. It has been agreed to split the two events. This will be advantageous for many reasons including making it easier on event stewards, the Royals, and the fighters.
    2. How is it being communicated? Northwatch & NorthHall and direct communication to the interested parties
    3. What is the deadline? The new deadline for the first Coronation and second Crown has been extended to Boar’s Head.
    4. A bid already is in from Vilku Urvus. Silfern Mere & Nordskogen will be getting bids in this week. If the bid from Silfern Mere is strong, Nordskogen will be willing to help. Vilku has a very strong bid for Crown.
    5. Coronation/Crown dates could be changed after the first year.
    1. Discuss/Report on Order of Precedence
    2. Court case in the East
    3. Regalia Committee
    4. *Officer Handbooks—Reminder that TRMs want final drafts of handbooks by 1st Crown. 12th Night action item to see where all of the handbooks are at.
    5. Officer Reporting Structure
    6. Job descriptions for officer’s deputies.
    7. *What are the committees in Northshield—Fiskr will send a MSG to the Hall asking for committee heads to contact him.
    8. Stallari list
    9. Kingdom Financing—
      1. OP Update has been done by Master Ettienne de Claremont.
      2. A web project of doing the Court Reports via a web report was brought up. It will also go to the Clerk of Precedence who will be able to check it and then click “upload to OP” button and it will automatically update the OP. Mikey will work on developing this.
      3. Marshal addition—project by HSH Aubrey & Sir Tristan to do a database that will be included w/the OP. This could be extended for all offices that have warrants.
      4. Mikey will have a plan started by the next meeting at 12th Night.
      1. *How it affects us—Position statement coming out of Minister of Youth office. To be defined at 12th Night
      2. Email sent by the Society Seneschal—Public statement will be forthcoming.
      1. *Who is the committee? No defined answer as to who the committee is and who they are reporting to. Lord Eadric of the Shire of Korsvag is the Minister of Regalia and should be the point person for new regalia and the committee. Action item for TSH. Who is on the committee? What is their authority to okay without Stallari authorization? When to go through Stallari? Reports by Regalia Minister to Stallari and should be invited to Stallari Mtg. Defined by Boar’s Head by TSH and reported on by 12th Night.
      2. Master Jurgen von Baden has volunteered to make Crowns as a gift. Accepted by Stallari.
      3. Bid packet needs to be defined.
      4. *Set aside a regalia fund. MK voted to give us $6K at our 1st Coronation. (Side note to set up a policy for putting a portion—15%--of event proceeds into the endowment fund. Announcement in the Northwatch by TSH reminding the people to consider donating to the endowment fund when donating to the General Fund.)
      1. *Who is reporting to whom? Who do you think is reporting to you? Committees? Etc? By 12th Night.
      1. Where are these going to be located? Web site. Handbooks.
      2. Term limits to match the Great officers.
      1. List of what they are set up for.
      2. Who are they reporting to?
      1. Who is listed?
      2. Who is listed that is not visible
      3. Who approves someone being on the list?
      4. Getting approved successor on the list and the timetable for it.
      5. Voting and what the Stallari means to Royalty
      6. Keeping things secret/quiet—information was leaked from list to Vilku Urvus about the concerns about their bid for Crown/Coronation and caused difficulties for TSH. An uncomfortable situation that could have been avoided.
        1. *Mikey will look through the list. Fiskr will be given the administrative password.
        1. Great officers, the Royal family.
        1. On as soon as they are approved. Email sent to Mikey.
        1. *Stallari doesn’t vote. They only provide counsel to the Royalty. A one page FAQ for new Stallari members to be written. Fiskr & Mikey will coordinate and get it out as soon as possible.
          1. Open door to TSH at all times for all officers. Please feel free to call to discuss any matter.
        1. Stallari members are not traveling enough. The commitment of being an officer means being willing to go to events. To be visible and accessible. HsSH would like to see if he can come up with some kind of incentive to help get the great officers traveling more.
      1. Fundraising ideas – NOT raffle
      2. Need to go over numbers for stipend (Northwatch), etc.
      3. Gifts from other kingdoms
        1. It’s getting harder to do raffles in many areas.
        2. Other options such as: Pie in the face, HsSH holds the field, etc. at various events through the year.
        1. *First Kingdom publication of the Northwatch will be in November of next year. First stipend from Corporate not until April. (Quarterly payments)
        1. HsSH has already been talking to other Kingdoms committing to gifts to NS.
  1. Seneschal
  2. Herald
  3. Chirurgeon
  4. MoAS
  5. Exchequer
  6. Marshal
  7. Chronicler
    1. Teffan Koerwent has applied to Clerk of the Seneschalloram and is acceptable.
    2. Waiver secretary—Ingileif Ketilsdottir has volunteered and is acceptable.
    3. Disabled deputy—Anna Donnelly would like to continue in the position. This was acceptable.
    4. Fiskr has gotten extension from Curia for 6 months. Will take him through March or April 2005.
    1. 100% reporting last quarter
    2. Changeover at Boar’s Head
    3. NS awards elist has revived itself. Not a formal committee but are taking information that came out of the KEG and continuing with them. This will be used to help counsel the first Crown.
    4. Consensus to recommend keeping Saltire, Pyxis, Nordbandr & Crwth without precedence.
    5. OP up-to-date
    6. Changeovers for all regional deputies early next year.
    7. Commentary online. Should be ready to go public in beta-stage in a couple of weeks.
    8. Adding a deputy to help research names & devices for awards.
    1. Reported online but had nothing to report since Curia at Crown.
    1. One application so far for successor from Master Sayf Al-Qamar Tarik Ibn Abdul (Tariq)
    1. See written report of current balances as of November 15, 2003. Since last report.
    2. Savings account earns interest. Checking does not. Gwen will research into whether we can get an interest-bearing checking account.
    3. NS will begin paying for the web-hosting which has currently been paid for by Master Owen Alun.
    1. Cassandra is looking for deputies
    2. Changeover at 12th Night
    1. Transfer of equipment has started from Marisela and files soon to follow.
    2. Asking for letters for the next issue now.
    3. Changeover at Boar’s Head.
    4. Prototype for the cover for the April issue handed out. Start thinking about fun stuff for that issue.
    5. More meaningful editorial content in each issue is desired.
    6. Reisograph will not be feasible for Kingdom and is looking into printing options


Next meeting at 12th Night in Nordskogen. Time and place to be determined.

Posted by: Elashava bas Riva Council Secretary (KLO) on 11/16/2003

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