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Minutes from 1-11-2004 - Twelfth Night

Stallari Meeting:
January 11, 2004 - Twelfth Night, Nordskogen

Present: Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen) Seneschal, HSH Aubrey (Steve Monthony), HSH Anne (Nancy Cuno-Schmitz), HE Hroder (Sam Swalley), HE Giulia (Nicolette Deplazes), Liadan na Caimron (Barbara England) MoAS, Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur (Beth Hart-Carlock) Chirurgeon, Maol-Mhichil mac Ghille-Pheadair (Michael ‘Mikey’ Shappe) Herald, Cassandra Antonelli (Lee Norton) Marshal, & Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert) Secretary and Seneschal’s Emergency Deputy

Minutes by: Elashava bas Riva

*Denotes action item

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written.

Eleanor’s church has a new policy for dealing with children at activities and she will email it to the Stallari list for evaluation as a possible basis for a policy for NS.

  1. TSH:
    1. Coronation & Crown bids are a go. Coronation will be in Silfren Mere on October 16 and Vilku Urvas will do Crown on October 23.
    2. Silfern Mere needs $1000 as seed money for Coronation. Approved.
    3. Regalia Committee—
      1. Established. Specific orders from TSH that they are to give recommendations and make it easy for them to okay them.
      2. The Committee consists of Eadric, Tarrach, Fina, Giovanna, Tarik, Roxelana, TSHs, & TEs (overseen by Exchequer). Outside consultant will be Countess Tamara.
      3. Bids in and accepted for crowns, banners, equestrian regalia (all no cost to NS).
      4. Thrones. A couple of proposals have come in and there will be more than one set okayed. Agreed to give 10% earnest money as down payment and pay for materials as receipts are turned in.
      5. $1000 limit for Regalia committee to be allowed to spend without coming to the Stallari or the financial committee.
      6. *Look at financial policy & look up regalia budget. (Fiskr)
      7. *Look into additional insurance to cover regalia. (Fiskr)
    4. Officers’ Handbooks—Deadline by H&G’s investiture. Preliminary drafts need to be to TRMs by Curia on January 17. Also, reports should be sent from all officers to their kingdom superiors before every Curia from now until we go kingdom. Fiskr will forward all information from CuriaNet to the Stallari list that is pertinent to NS.
    5. *Officer reporting structure. Get listing done by next Stallari meeting.
    6. *Committees—what committees are there out there and who is on them?
    7. Kingdom financing. Ideas for revenue building. Not raffles (becoming problematic in Minnesota & Wisconsin). Promote kingdom level events that are run by the kingdom to generate revenue for the kingdom.
    8. Anyone with a treaty with the Midrealm can fight in Northshield’s first Crown. As long as the Royals of both Kingdoms agree (Corpora) it can be done.
    9. *Treaties will need to be ready for the first Coronation (TEs will deal with.)
    10. Treaties should be published every reign in the Northwatch and updated regularly on the website.
    11. *All Warrants have to be ready to be signed at the first Coronation. (TEs will deal with.)
    12. *Children—A letter will come from HSH Aubrey suggesting that there be at least 2 adults present for all youth activities and that activities not be held in private homes. We can’t implement policy until Corporate makes a policy.
  2. TEs—information already covered (treaty question)
  3. Seneschal
    1. Window clings. $500 approved to Tarja to purchase for fundraising.
    2. *Darkstone needs information on how to work towards full status. Fiskr will contact.
    3. Discussed Great Officer responsibilities.
  4. Exchequer—Not in attendance.
  5. Herald
    1. Domesday cycle is 2/3s done. As of right now, no report from Svaty Sebasty & Western Keep and inadequate reporting from Border Downs. All three groups are close to suspension.
    2. Regionals— Grimmund Blackwing will stay on as Eastern, looking for Central replacement (currently Wilhelm Schatzgeyer who will stay on for a bit), Western is Gevehard von Baden (who is also Keythong) and will be looking for a new Western in July. Aryanhwy Prytydes merch Catmael Caermyrdin will be name/device deputy, field herald will be Robert Bartholomew of Baskerville. Looking for a new Minister of Protocol.
    3. On-line commentary site has been up and running for a few months and is working and will be going public next month.
    4. All job descriptions include a education component.
  6. Chirurgeon
    1. Insurance companies have been contacting seneschals for reports.
    2. Eleanor applied for Chirurgeon General at the end of December.
    3. One application at this point is Nikolai from Vilku Urvas. Others may still apply.
    4. Eleanor will be CIC at WW this year.
    5. Warrant cards will be signed by MK until we go Kingdom.
  7. MoAS
    1. Master Sayf Al-Qamar Tarik Ibn Abdul (Chuck Burton) will be Liadan’s replacement.
  8. Marshal
    1. HE Leif will be Cassandra’s emergency deputy
    2. Toki Magnusson is staying on as adjutant, Bethany Barrowsby will remain on as list mistress, Sir Alexandre Blackstone of Yorkshire will be Eastern, Vladimir Radescu will be Central, Cecil Hagan will be Western, Mor Ni Lachnan will stay on as Chief of Scouts through June. Armond le Charpentier will be new Youth Marshal, Simon Morcar will be extended for a year as Rapier. Petranella Fitzallen will be clerk of the roster.
    3. NS will continue with uber-cards.
    4. Rapier Marshal warrant approved for Isabeau of Thorn Rose (JoAnne Holland-- Schattentor). No paper warrant available this weekend but it will be issued within in the week with signatures but as of now it is in effect.
    5. On-line warranting not quite ready to go.
    6. Cassandra is hand-selecting the marshals for first Crown.
  9. Chronicler
    1. Timeliness of officers’ reports needs to be worked on for publication in the Northwatch.

Next meeting at A&S on May 1, 2004 at Coldernehale. Time and place to be determined.

Posted by: Elashava bas Riva Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/11/2004

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