Gwendolyn y Gadnawes ferch Arian and Dirk van der Kruis Gwendolyn y Gadnawes ferch Arian and Dirk van der Kruis

Minutes from 5-1-2004 - Northshield A&S

Stallari Meeting:

May 1, 2004 - Northshield Regional A&S; Coldernhale

Present: Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen) Seneschal, HSH Anne (Nancy Cuno-Schmitz), HE Giulia (Nicolette Deplazes), Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseweth (Jennifer McNitt) Exchequer, Maol-Mhichil mac Ghille-Pheadair (Michael ‘Mikey’ Shappe) Herald, Friedrich von Augsburg (Jim Hoehn) Chronicler, Cassandra Antonelli (Lee Norton) Marshal, Liadan ni Caimron (Barbara England) MoAS, Sayf al-Qamar Tarik ibn Abdullah (Chuck Burton) incoming MoAS, & Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert) Secretary and Seneschal’s Emergency Deputy Margalit Medicus (Jamie Feldman) incoming Chirurgeon (via telephone).

Minutes by: Elashava bas Riva

*Denotes action item

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written online.

Meeting called to order at 8:45am.

  1. TSH
    1. Triple the salaries of all officers. ;-)
    2. Officers’ handbooks—Need to be ready to give to TRM at Investiture/Crown Tourney next week. Let Fiskr know where they are by then.
      1. Herald will most likely be a draft
      2. Marshal has 5 different handbooks to look over.. Will have draft ready next week.
      3. Exchequer & Chirurgeon are mostly Society plus NS policies.
      4. MoAS is based on Libbet’s draft.
      5. Seneschal’s is done. 11 pages Copies distributed.
      6. Chronicler, nearly done. Draft passed around.
      7. Handbooks need to be approved by Society. TRM want to see them. Courtesy copies to MK officers.
    3. Officer reporting structure. Does everyone have his or her structure in place? Reporting schedule, deputies. Should be online. Check and report corrections to Bettina. Please have all deputies’ contact information available online.
    4. No other committees exist other than Regalia Committee.
    5. Regalia Insurance. Regalia will be the responsibility of the Royalty. They sign for the regalia when they step up. It will be recommended that incoming Royals take out an insurance rider on homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Also, recommendation will be made that incoming Royals check with a financial advisor.
    6. Northshield now has a separate BOD ombudsman (John Williams—Duke John)
    7. Request for dual citizenship has come to the attention of the Coronet. Topic tabled for further discussion on- line.(Secretary’s note: This was never resolved on- line.)
    8. Treaties. Re-endorsed every reign.
    9. Crown/Coronation dates. Separate A&S and Crown. Avoid Memorial Day weekend.
      1. How much gap between Coronation & Crown? 1 month?
      2. May-Coronation, June-Crown. SeptemberCoronation, October-Crown. Approved.
    10. Motion made for a policy. The first full weekend of any calendar month will be reserved for use by the Northshield Royalty. Any other group must petition the Crown for use of these weekends from this time forward. (Any group currently on the calendar is set and will not be changed.) Approved.
    11. Group audits. Proposed policy that the Exchequer audits every group every two years.
      1. Policy. Two people counting gate after event. Two signatures. Signed off by Seneschal, Exchequer. Preferred that the two signatures not be from the same household. Approved
      2. Better enforcement of double signatory on accounts need to be done. Some banks will not do it. Many banks will not enforce it.
      3. Regional exchequers needed. They should not be group exchequers. Regionals will be responsible for audits. Regions will reflect other offices.
        1. Eastern—Wisconsin & Upper Michigan
        2. Central—Minnesota & Ontario
        3. Western—North Dakota, South Dakota, & Manitoba
      4. Better checks & balances are needed on the local level.
    12. Any decision made online should be included in the minutes (from this time forward). That being said, the following decisions were made during online discussions:
      1. Margalit Medicus approved as incoming Chirurgeon
      2. Sayf al-Qamar Tarik ibn Abdullah as incoming MoAS
  2. TE
    1. Changing officers at Investiture. MoAS, Chirurgeon, & Exchequer. All officers will then do “Pledge of Service”.
    2. Short Stallari meeting as soon as the Tourney is over in Royalty Room.
  3. Seneschal
    1. Seneschal’s Handbook is done. 11 pages
    2. Chatalaine’s Handbook is done and in Fiskr’s hands. It’s 35 pages.
    3. Minister of Youth. Amytis will be stay on through July and application will stay open until then.
    4. Chatelaine—Two applicants— Eliane de Halevy & Hamish Nesbitt: Eliane approved.
    5. Skerrstrand—Proto-Incipie nt to Incipient. Approved.
    6. Darkstone—Moving from incipient college to incipient shire. Approved.
    7. When we go to Kingdom, no proto-incipient level will exist. Two levels of status will exist (prefull status and full status.) Term for the pre- full status will be called colony, outpost, homestead, etc. as determined by the proposed groups. Viability must be proved to go for full status.
    8. Julio d’Gavan will be Deputy Seneschal for New Groups.
    9. Official statement by Master Fiskr: “We have a situation with the Exchequery in Castel Rouge. The incoming Exchequer has found a discrepancy in gate receipts, bank statements, and reports. This matter is being investigated to determine whether the situation is incompetence or fraud.” The group’s status is not in jeopardy.
    10. New groups forming in Brainerd (Wynandremer) and Bemidji. Both are currently part of Vilku Urvus.
  4. Herald
    1. Domesday was complete with only Border Downs suspended for poor reporting. The group fixed it almost as soon as it happened, so suspension lasted about 48 hours.
    2. No suspensions this quarter.
    3. Mistress Shana (Artemesia) is the new Laurel Sovereign of Arms.
    4. Mikey will be going to Knowne World Heraldic Symposium paid for by the Middle Kingdom.
    5. Herald’s office has been autonomous from the MK for over a year now.
    6. Online commentary site is being used and other Kingdoms are watching it.
    7. Splitting submissions office between Keythong (external submissions) & Compass (internal submissions)(new office). Compass will be Gabriel (Nordskogen). Gabriel is also the new Central Regional Deputy.
  5. Chirurgeon (via telephone)
    1. Douglas of York & Nikolai proposed as her Emergency Deputies: approved
    2. Waterbearer will be Mikkel (from Jararvellir): approved
  6. MoAS
    1. New officer. Tariq.
    2. Not a lot of changes planned.
      1. Lots of deputies (specific disciplines, regional)
      2. Revamping of A&S eventually.
  7. Exchequer
    1. Exchequer report passed out. Total in Bank Accounts is $38,909.50.
      1. Checking is not interest bearing.
      2. Savings & Endowment are now money market accounts.
    2. Travel fund will be rolled over to Heirs if TSH do not use it all.
    3. Regalia Committee—
      1. They have been updating their portion of the NS webpage.
      2. The committee is running well. Fielding most offers for regalia and questions and consulting Exchequer & Coronet/Heirs as necessary.
    4. Reporting: Domesday was finalized in March. No major problems in reporting.
    5. Two applicants—HSH Anne & Tarja. A decision was made and a recommendation will be made to Society & Kingdom. Decision will then be announced to the candidates. Hopefully changeover can occur next week at Investiture/Crown. (Note added later after candidates were informed: Greta Rahikainen [Gayle Bitker] was approved by Society and Kingdom and change took place on May 8, 2004)
    6. Deputy for non-member surcharge is needed. Announcement and decision will be made by Gwen’s successor.
  8. Marshal
    1. Looking for more deputy for Armoured Combat. Deputy regionals will be under that person. Advertising in June Northwatch.
    2. Youth marshals will be placed under specific discipline (separation of armoured & rapier). Will be advertising in June Northwatch.
    3. Regionals will be first line for reporting.
    4. Some reporting problems based on computer problems. June’s report will be essential.
    5. Handbooks (all 5) are just about all done. Armoured and Rapier close to 80 pages each.
    6. Mentoring program getting set up for marshals-in-training. Already in place for rapier and other disciplines will see it soon.
    7. Marshals are hand-selected and set for Crown next week.
  9. Chronicler
    1. Draft of Handbook was passed out. Almost done and should be done next week. 19 pages.
    2. Advertising policy for Northwatch as a Kingdom newsletter.
      1. Raw cost is $25 for a full page.
      2. Proposed charges: $90 (whole page), $50 (half page), $30 (quarter page), $20 (eighth page—business card size) Approved.
    3. Current MK policy is most events get one-month quarter page free. Kingdom events are ½ page free for 3 months.
      1. Proposed: most events will get quarter page free for two months. Kingdom events are ½ page free for 3 months. Approved.
    4. Page sponsorship (as per current Outlands policy) for $10/month. Accepted from groups or merchants. Approved.
    5. Kingdom newsletter will be 11x17 folded booklet (like Pale).
    6. Deputy for finances for newsletter will be deputy of Chronicler and we need one.
    7. Who to monitor webministers?
      1. Webministers are deputies of chroniclers.
      2. Official websites need to be run through (ie: local Northshield will run the DNS, not the servers.
      3. Fiskr will notify Seneschals.
      4. Possible Kingdom information officer needed in the future (not tomorrow)
    8. Risograph is having trouble. Is it worth putting $150 into service for it now for the next 5 months. Cost is approximately $55/month to print it.
    9. Possibility of having it fixed and then selling it if worth it. Meeting adjourned at 11:58am.

Next meeting at Investiture/Crown Tourney. This will be a short meeting to introduce the new Heirs to the Stallari and will be held in Royalty Room. Next meeting after that should be at WW XI. Time and place to be determined.

On-line discussions in May & June:

Question of which weekend would be the “Crown’s weekend” was discussed, aconsensus reached and then stated for the populace in the Fiskr’s letter in the June Northwatch as follows: “One of our problem areas is in the scheduling of our future Kingdom events. Running separate Coronations and Crowns, as well as A&S and any other Kingdom events that arise make planning for these events an issue. After much discussion at the Stallari meeting held at Principality A&S, we came up with some ideas. We were all agreed that the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends should NOT be used for Kingdom event. These long weekends are a wonderful time for our smaller groups to schedule more relaxed, two day events and we highly encourage this. The second full weekend in any month is reserved for use by Northshield Royalty. These will be the weekends used for Coronations, Crowns, Kingdom A&S, etc. Groups are encouraged to petition the Crown for use of Royal weekends where no Kingdom event is scheduled. Events already on the calendar will be grandfathered in. The one exception is WW which is traditionally held on the second weekend in July. This event has an automatic exemption in perpetuity, remaining in effect as long as the event runs. Spring Coronations will be held the first or second full weekend in April, depending on where Easter falls. Spring Crown Tournaments will be held the second full weekend in May. Fall Coronations are on the second full weekend in September, and Fall Crown Tournaments will be on the second full weekend in October. Resuming our regular rotation I need a bid for the Spring 2005 Coronation from the Western region, and for the Spring 2005 Crown Tourney from the Eastern region. Groups in the Central region should start thinking about hosting the Fall 2005 Coronation, and Western groups the Fall 2005 Crown.”

Decision on risograph by Friedrich after discussion in June:
“Uthyr (from Caer Anterth) who is working with a division of the Red Cross who has a need for such a device. He is aware that it needs some minor service, and is still interested. Again, I told him that I would get back to him after discussing this with the council. I would suggest trying to get $1200 from Uthyr AS IS and throw in the supplies Icurrently have on hand. He would be able to pick it up from me at Spring Fling in 2 weeks.”

Friedrich recommended and it was agreed up that: “The Electronic Publication Deputy would be a deputy of the Chronicler responsible for monitoring all of the electronic publications of Northshield, both at the kingdom level as well as the local level, to ensure that we are meeting Corpora and Kingdom policies for these areas. A major focus would be copyright protection and education to local chroniclers and Webministers. This position would report directly to the Chronicler. Any actions required would be instituted by the Chronicler’s office.”

Posted by: Elashava bas Riva Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/1/2004

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