Moments after Valerius Paencalvus won Middle Kingdom Crown for Fern de la Foret (circa 1984) Moments after Valerius Paencalvus won Middle Kingdom Crown for Fern de la Foret (circa 1984)

Minutes from 7-9-2004 - WW XI

Stallari Meeting:

July 9, 2004 - WW XI, Black River Falls, WI

Present: Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen) Seneschal, HSH Hrodir (Sam Swalley), HSH Giulia (Nicolette Deplazes), HE Siegfried von Kulmbach (Chris Kalmbach) Lord-Heir, HE Bridei nic Gillechattan (Lory Aitken), Tarja Rahikainen (Gail Bitker) Exchequer, Maol-Mhichil mac Ghille-Pheadair (Michael ‘Mikey’ Shappe) Herald, Friedrich von Augsburg (Jim Hoehn) Chronicler, Cassandra Antonelli (Lee Norton) Marshal, Sayf al- Qamar Tarik ibn Abdullah (Chuck Burton) MoAS, Margalit Medicus (Jamie Feldman) Chirurgeon, Mikkel Dannonson (William Anderson) Waterbearer, & Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert) Secretary and Seneschal’s Emergency Deputy

Minutes by: Elashava bas Riva

*Denotes action item

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written online.

Meeting called to order at 12:40pm

  1. 1) TSH
    1. Working with Outlands & Artemesia on an inter-kingdom war called “Glory Wars” based on the Gulf Wars model. Site near Cheyenne, Wyoming.
    2. Dual Citizenship.
      1. Citizenship is defined by zip code. You can play anywhere but zip code still defines where a person lives. Treaty is a different situation. Once a treaty is set up, the citizenship is moved to the treaty kingdom.
      2. Will not be allowed.
  2. TE
  3. Seneschal
    1. Charissa de la Sirra (Grace Kelly) is the only application for Youth Minister
    2. $2000 going to Silfern Mere for Coronation seed money. Policy, doesn’t need specific approval.
    3. $250 going to purchase cartography software. Very good deal. Discussed at previous meeting and approved.
    4. Discussion on successor for Seneschal. Three candidates (Elashava bas Riva {Sue Gilbert}, Katriona {Katherine Kretchmar}, Yseult de Cherbourg {Patty Riordan}). Secretary left the tent during the discussion. (Note added later after candidates were informed: Elashava bas Riva [Sue Gilbert] was approved by Society and Kingdom and change took place on January 29, 2005)
    5. Youth Policy has been put together and will be put on Stallari list for comment.
  4. Herald
    1. Went to Knowne World Heraldic. It rocked. Lots of good networking time.
    2. Travel to farther flung groups will be worked on.
    3. Herald’s handbooks are almost done. Two handbooks:
      1. How to be a group herald
      2. How to be a herald (how to comment, how to conflict check, etc.)
    4. 2nd quarter reports were just due
    5. Gabriel is internal commenting herald & central deputy
    6. Eastern region is changing. Wulfric Ferrier has volunteered, and pending Mikey’s approval
    7. Western regional should be changing soon.
    8. Clerk of the Precedence needs to be changed soon. Mikey is leaning towards Viscountess Astrid
    9. Commentary system is working very well. Internal takes about a month, external still takes a while.
    10. Awards Structure meeting this morning with TE went well.
  5. Chirurgeon
    1. All apprentices will carry apprentice cards to identify them
    2. Officers’ Day result—Chirurgeon apprentices will work with Marshals and Marshalsin- training will work with Chirurgeons to learn procedures on both sides. (Crosstraining)
    3. Heat injury cards/ “sideline concussion exam” cards available from the chirurgeonate for marshals.
    4. Training for apprentices will include a series of classes
    5. Coordinating information & equipment for “wars” (ie very large events). Need to look for providing resources for “Kingdom” events.
    6. Mikkel is working as new NS waterbearer.
    7. Within NS, there are major divisions between “doctor”, “physician”, and “chirurgeon”
  6. MoAS
    1. Promises not to “kill” anyone who turns in his or her reports late.
    2. Questions about what happens when we go kingdom are put on hold until TE determine which directions
      1. A&S competition structure
      2. SUN structure –Will post to Stallari list this week
    3. Looking for deputies in the various disciplines
  7. Exchequer
    1. Receipts & cheques that need to be signed
      1. $1497 for the crowns
      2. HE Anne $463 for the reign
      3. $35 for MS money (software) for doing the books for the Exchequer
      4. About $100 (when receipts have been turned in) for Signet
    2. HE Anne will be emergency deputy
      1. Nothing has been done with policies to date. Tarja will work on them in the next month.
    3. Problems with non-member surcharge accounting. One group has been resolved. Another still needs to be worked on.
    4. Pennsic/Griffin’s Gate accountability. In the past there has been no accounting.
      1. New policy: Mayor & Deputy Mayor, who will be deputies of the Exchequer, will be accountable to the Exchequer. Fina will be asked (by HSH Hrodir & Tarja) to work w/Corydon this year.
      2. There is a fund $631.46 earmarked for Pennsic. That will be the budget this year. Tarja will enforce that budget. No other monies will be collected from attendees.
    5. Deputy applications are coming in for fundraising, regionals, bad cheques’ deputy.
    6. Chequing -- $7998.44, Endowment -- $6072.69, Savings -- $29,380.91
    7. Other funds were discussed. Any questions, contact Tarja.
  8. Marshal
    1. We had a Crown Tourney. It went very well. A couple of minor problems were dealt with very well. Senior marshals (Aubrey & Alexander) performed well.
    2. One applicant so far for Armoured Combat Deputy. Application process will stay open until November 1.
    3. A few inquiries into the position of Artillery Marshal.
    4. No applicants yet for Youth Rapier Marshal but Morcar (channeled through Margalit) has a couple of ideas. Process of looking will continue.
    5. Discussion of one particular kind of epee’ (Leon Paul stamped epees) to be used for youth rapier has been ongoing. To avoid over-use injuries in the youth fighters. Also, an idea of using plastic foils for even younger children. $100 requested to be reimbursed to Simon Morcar for the experimental weapons that have been used for testing. Next time, more advanced warning is requested. Approved.
    6. Question discussed about 16 year olds to fight armoured combat.
    7. “Death from behind” is currently in experimental stages.
    8. Discussion of fiber-glass shafted combat arrows. Research needs to be done.
    9. Handbooks are almost all done. All except rapier are available off Earl Marshal’s webpage; Rapier available off of Rapier Marshal’s webpage.
  9. Chronicler
    1. (secretary’s note of apology: Battery died to the computer just as we got to this report and I can’t find my handwritten notes. I contacted Friedrich and asked what he talked about and he said: “The only thing that comes to mind right now is that we discussed several of the Webminister candidates.
      We had discussed the Northwatch ad rates and policies on line prior to the meeting.”)

Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm

Next meeting was scheduled to be at Rudivale’s Unnamed Event but it was decided on the Stallari list that any business between WW and Coronation or Crown could be covered on the list and another facetoface meeting wasn’t necessary. Meeting will be at Coronation or Crown as of this writing.

Stuff brought up on the Stallari e-list since the WW meeting and decided on:

Risograph: Proposal from Fiskr to fix the machine (cost in the $120-$160 range) and use it for the publications office (officers handbooks, special newsletters, etc.) Approved.

Laws Issue of the Northwatch: Proposal from Friedrich. Appeared on the list to have support. Possible publication date of January?

Deputies to KM: Julio as Youth Rapier Marshal, Padruig MacClennan as Artillery. Equestrian: Sabina Aurelius Rasparagnus.

Deputies to Exchequer: Eastern Regional: Lady Innokenti “Kenya” Rublyov; Central Regional and Bad Checks deputy: Master Etienne de Claremont; Western Regional: Lord Lachlan MacDougal; Non-Member Surcharge deputy: Lady Perizada (from Tor Aerie); Fundraising: Lady Setembrina Bramante and THL Clare Agatha McLeod Business cards as a Northwatch fundraiser (to cover the time from when we go Kingdom until we get the stipend from Corporate and to cover special projects) setup and implemented by Friedrich.

Fiskr’s scheme: To change the Clerk of the Seneschalloram to the Clerk of Warrants. Fiskr’s proposal: “We can train our officers to fill out the online change of officer form on the Clerk of Warrants can track all changes, maintain master officer rosters for all Greater Officers, and maintain pages on, listing all the current officers. Anyone can access that list, and if their name isn’t there, they aren’t warranted and should find out why, assuming they think they are an officer :)”

From Friedrich about the Northwatch: According to Coroporate: “Our first KINGDOM edition of the Northwatch will be the October, not the November issue as we expected.” Plans had already been made for November to be first issue of new Kingdom and the numbering will start from there.

Requests to fund Mistress Shauna’s trip to the Northshield Heraldic Symposium (20th November, Rudivale) and to cover travel expenses for Shava & Tarja to the KW Seneschals’ & Exchequers’ Meeting in February (Las Vegas) were discussed and it was agreed to fund these.

From Tarja: Reimbursements for:

  • TE Ia and Jurgen $644.21 (reimbursement for crown materials)
  • Her Stellar Highness Giulia $288.73 (travel to and from Pennsic)
  • Her Excellency Bridei $357.86 (travel to and from Pennsic, a few meals, one night lodging) plus $80 Pennsic site fee.

Word from our Ombudsman Duke John ap Gwyndaf (Jason Williams) that is not recommended (no law against it yet) to have coins minted and used as currency within an event. Word had reached him that Silfern Mere was planning on it as a fundraiser. Fiskr tracked down the rumours and the conclusion was:

“They are going to use them as site tokens, and sell the extras as souvenirs without assigning monetary value to them.”

Discussion about use of Kingdom arms for commercial purposes. Agreed that it wasn’t allowed to reproduce the full arms of the Royal family but that, within the limits of good taste, the populace badge (Sable a bordure Or a compas rose Argent)and the unassigned badges (Fieldless a griffin passant Or; and Or a griffin passant within a bordure Sable) are okay.

Other things are on track: handbooks, awards’ commentary, accounts for various things.

Posted by: Elashava bas Riva Council Secretary (KLO) on 7/9/2004

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