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Minutes from 10-23-2004 - Crown Tourney

Stallari Meeting: October 23, 2004
Crown Tournament, Vilku Urvus (Grand Rapids, MN)

Present: HRM Siegfried (Chris Kalmbach), HRM Bridei (Lory Aitken), HRH Tarrach (Dave Horvath), HRH Fina (Lorine Horvath), Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen) Seneschal, Tarja Rahikainen (Gayle Bitker) Exchequer, Maol-Mhichil mac Ghille-Pheadair (Michael ‘Mikey’ Shappe) Herald, Friedrich von Augsburg (Jim Hoehn) Chronicler, Cassandra Antonelli (Lee Norton) Marshal, Sayf al-Qamar Tarik ibn Abdullah (Chuck Burton) MoAS, Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan (Ross Quinn-Davis) Laws Clerk, & Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert) Secretary and Seneschal’s Emergency Deputy

Minutes by: Elashava bas Riva

*Denotes action item

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written.

Meeting called to order at 9:30pm

  1. TRM
    1. Is it possible to have more informative event announcements in the Northwatch that include schedules, feast, etc. This would mean that it would be larger ads for each group. Currently we are doing a little better than breaking even and if we increase the page number it would increase the postage.
      1. *Friedrich will research
    2. They can’t be uber-cards since there is no under card so they will be just called “authorization cards” from now on.
    3. Discussion about Baronage giving AoA’s.
    4. Discussion about more regency courts
  2. TSH
  3. Seneschal
    1. Coronation bid—Midewinde (Spring 05) APPROVED
    2. Crown bid—Shattered Oak (Spring 05) APPROVED
    3. Coronation Incident—Alleged assault. It is in the hands of the local authorities in Rochester. Level 3rd banishment has been done pending the investigation.
    4. Use of the name Northshield in an event title is the purvey of Their Majesties
    5. Policy for new group to have a registered device or not. A group must have a name but do they have to have a registered device. It has been agreed that the group should make a good faith effort by having a device pass internal commentary. 4.1.1.
    6. Darkstone’s advancement. Name has been passed. Device has not passed internal letter yet.
    7. Youth policy, requested by Margalit, to band youth at large events. Leave the way to do it in the hands of the autocrat.
  4. Pursuivant
    1. Coronation heralds rocked. The college of heralds is doing well. The submissions process within the kingdom is going very well.
    2. Laurel Sovereign of Arms did not pass probation and job is temporarily being done by former Laurel.
    3. Symposium on November 20 in Rudivale.
    4. New Clerk of Precedence is Viscountess Astrid. Need to find a way to get them out.
    5. Society minimums for number of officers now in effect. Seneschal, Exchequer, & one other officer. Teffan (Clerk of Warrants) will track.
  5. Chirurgeon (Fiskr for Margalit)—Problem with people who come to events who are not prepared to take care of themselves. Might have to consider banishment from events if people keep doing this since they use up resources.
  6. MoA
    1. Roster warrant done and given to TRM. Court opened. Laws changes read into Court. They will be published in the Northwatch. Court is closed.
  7. Exchequer
    1.  Policies okay.
    2. Stromfels will not be put into suspension since they found a new exchequer
    3. Eadric wants to step down this spring as Regalia Minister
    4. Warrant cards taken care of.
    5. Publications Officer—Deputy of Exchequer or Chronicler. Position needs to handle money. Deputy of the Chronicler APPROVED.
    6. Armorgeodden—lost a great deal of money this year. Audit will be done.
    7. Silent Auction funds today. What will we use the funds for? ¼ travel for TRM. ¼ travel. ½ regalia.
  8. Marshal
    1. Five applicants for Rapier Marshal. Kevin O’Shaungassey APPROVED
    2. Possible replacement for Archery is being considered.
    3. Administration book has gone to Society.
    4. Middle Kingdom rules are in use except for Equestrian until they are approved by Society. Court opened again. Laws changes read into Court. They will be published in the Northwatch. Court is closed.
  9. Chronicler
    1. 2nd Kingdom issue out.
    2. 1st quarterly report is due this week.
    3. Membership lists are straightened out.
    4. Deadlines need to be firmer to get issue out on time. Meeting adjourned at 10:50pm

Next meeting at Boar’s Head or 12th Night at TRM’s discretion

These minutes were approved online October 28, 2004

Posted by: Elashava bas Riva Council Secretary (KLO) on 10/23/2004

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