Fighters taking position Fighters taking position
Court Date: 8/24/2019 (Court #1)
Event Name: Hadrians Feld
Presenting Royalty: Konrad II and Aibhilin II
Reporter: Decimus Marius Tacitus Ajax
Herald: Decimus Marius Tacitus Ajax
Day Signet: Shamus Of Avonwood 
Seneschal of Record: Gaia Aurelia 
Youth Officer of Record: Amytis De La Fontaine, Michelle Santy

Autocrat and Archery Marshal Lady Ragna Steinbjorgsdottir thanked all those who attended and announced the winners of the shoots.

Adult winners were: second place to His Majesty Konrad, who was presented with a much needed arm guard for his performance. First place was taken by his Excellency Kaydian Bladebreaker, and was presented with six fine period fletched and knocked arrows.

The youth shoots were won by William, their Excellencies Katsuo and Aetheflad's son. He was presented with a shooter's glove.

Lady Ragna was assisted by her two Sons, Connor, 10, and CJ, 8. They were gifted coins from the reign by his Majesty Konrad for their service to Kingdom and Shire by helping set up, including the shire pavilion (which is quite large,) setting up the archery range, and the general activities of Hadrian's Feld.
Gunnar Njialson, upon receipt of his Bellerophon, was then asked to utilize his fast and upcoming speed to entertain the children of Northshield with the toy chest run. 

The newcomers were then welcomed into court and given drinking vessels, a family of seven and one other gentle were presented to the kingdom to join our family that is Northshield.
His Majesty then allowed for “smoopy” and had Her Excellency Gaia Aurelia join him in front of court, where Sir Ajax then re-proposed to her on the occasion of fast approaching 10 years of marriage, in order to renew their vows of matrimony. She said yes!!

Closing Statements from his Majesty included that today was the first rapier tournament he has ever won, where he was victorious against a pool of 10 fencers, and that Hadrian's Feld is a event He enjoys very much and encourages those who attended to come back in the future to enjoy all the activities and hospitality of the Shire of Border Downs. 

Awards Presented

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