Ciara inghean MaelPatraic in bardic competition Ciara inghean MaelPatraic in bardic competition
Court Date: 9/9/2017 (Court #1)
Event Name: Northshield Fall Coronation
Presenting Royalty: Konrad and Aibhilin

Herein is the court report from Fall Coronation held 9 September, AS 52 (2017) in the Shire of Shattered Oak. This report includes both the final court of Their Royal Majesties Konrad and Aibhilion ad the first court of Their Royal Majesties Kadian and Cassandra.

The Court of Northshield was opened by the order of Their Royal Majesties Konrad and Aibhilion as King and Queen of the North and Overlords of Northshield.

Contributions to the Pennsic War effort by the Populace were recognized and tokens given for any that had not already received one.

Champions from the field at Pennsic were called forth and recognized.

Her Majesty christened the Northshield Page Program as a new opportunity for the youth of the Kingdom to participate and gain knowledge.  The opportunity to be among the first to enroll was announced to be available following completion of court.

A dire missive was received by His Majesty from the Wall at the Northern Border of the Kingdom containing warning of an impending invasion by an army of the undead with ice blue eyes and accompanied by a great cold. He called for his banners to combat the threat and prepared to depart in their company with Her Majesty.  Prior to departure he called forth Prince Kaydian and Princess Cassandra, recognized them as the proper Heirs of Northshield, and gave over the governance of the Kingdom to their care by Crowning them as King and Queen of Northshield. 

Herald of Record; Honorable Lord Iohannes Glenfidanus
Signet of Record; Master Cyveiliog McKinley

Awards Presented

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