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Marshals Reports

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Marshal Report Schedule

Archery Marshals, Armored Combat Marshals, Equestrian Marshals, Siege Weapons Marshals, Thrown Weapons Marshals

Youth Boffer Combat Marshals

Rapier Marshals

Tournament Reports

  • Tourney reports should be sent to the respective Regional Deputy Marshal for the activity. If there is no regional, or that office is vacant, reports should be sent to the respective Deputy Earl Marshal for the activity. Any injuries or incidents need to be reported to the DEM, who will report it to the KEM within 48 hours. (Report Form)

Please use this form to submit event-specific reports as well as quarterly/annual marshal reports.
Marshal Activity:
Marshal Status:
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Any Injuries, Problems, Concerns or Comments (also include any unlisted events):

If you have additional documentation, please send it separately - send authorization paperwork to the Clerk of the Roster (cor@northshield.org) and send non-participant waivers to the Minister of Waivers (waivers@northshield.org).
If you do not wish to create an account on this site to send in your report please send it to kem@northshield.org directly.
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