Jacques Louis de Froi and Sorcha inghean Maille Jacques Louis de Froi and Sorcha inghean Maille

Branch Chronicler

The Honorable Lord Arnbjørn Karlsson

(B Wesley Adams II)
2608A N Buffum Street Milwaukee WI 53212 USA
(414) 239-3543
Took Office: 12/01/2020
Photograph of Arnbjørn Karlsson

Lady Wolfhart "Wolff" Eysenhawer

(Amber-Gael Woodruff)
Address Hidden
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 06/20/2016
Photograph of Wolfhart "Wolff" Eysenhawer

Honorable Lady Aoife Cno Capaill of Jara

(Gretchen G. Tischer)
Address Hidden
(608) 437-5573
Took Office: 02/01/2018
Photograph of Aoife Cno Capaill of Jara

Lord Pedro de Benavides

(Bartholomew Forman (Bart))
Address Hidden
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 01/19/2020

Valamer Scwarzemfuchs

(Thomas Kaufman)
Address Hidden
(608) 335-1841
Took Office: 01/02/2019

The Honorable Lady Freydís in tryggva Sigurðardóttir

(Donna Armistead)
27593 Red Rock Rd Lake Linden MI 49945 United States
(906) 523-4258
Took Office: 09/01/2006

Baroness Jaquemine de Lille

(Ashley Lewis)
13104 Milberg Road Newell SD 57760 USA
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 05/07/2015

Baroness Rosanore of Redthorn

(Susan Guthmann Henry)
258 Griggs Street South Saint Paul MN 55105 USA
(651) 699-0714
susanhenry_46@yahoo.com, rosanore@comcast.net
Took Office: 11/01/2013
Photograph of Rosanore of Redthorn

Magistra Kudrun Pilegrim

(Karyn Schmidt)
3123 Spruce St Holmen WI 54636 USA
(608) 519-3326
Took Office: 01/01/2008
Photograph of Kudrun Pilegrim

Lady Celestria de Clare

(Name Hidden)
Address Hidden
Phone Hidden
Email Hidden
Took Office: 06/02/2018
Photograph of Celestria de Clare

Collette of Windhaven

(Name Hidden)
Address Hidden
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 10/21/2018
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Arnbjørn Karlsson Login to view 12/1/2020 Active 1 months
Pedro de Benavides Login to view 1/19/2020 Active 12 months
Valamer Scwarzemfuchs Login to view 1/2/2019 Active 24 months
Idonia Tait Login to view 12/1/2018 12/1/2020 24 months
Collette of Windhaven Login to view 10/21/2018 Active 27 months
Markéta Barfussin Login to view 7/22/2018 10/21/2018 3 months
Celestria de Clare Login to view 6/2/2018 Active 31 months
Christiana Melville Login to view 3/1/2018 5/2/2019 14 months
Aoife Cno Capaill of Jara Login to view 2/1/2018 Active 35 months
Ashildr Snorradottir Login to view 8/9/2017 7/22/2018 11 months
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