The Mighty Fist of Siegfried The Mighty Fist of Siegfried

Bardic Blades

Hosted by: Kingdom of Artemisia

Start Date: 9/28/2012 Thru End Date: 9/30/2012 47
Glendive Noon Lions Camp
Makoshika State Park (see directions)
Glendive MT 59330

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Bardic Activities , Dancing , Rapier Combat , Youth Activities

Hosted by the Incipient Shire of Drachenfeld (Kingdom of Artemisia) and the Shire of Dreibrucken (Kingdom of Northshield).


For many years, artisans and warriors from the western reaches of Northshield have taken the perilous trek into the Kingdom of Artemisia.


Drachenfeld, a small outpost in Artemisia, has provided great hospitality to Northshield’s travellers, but the kingdom’s people have long eyed the beautiful and bounteous lands along the Yellowstone with avarice.


This year, ASXVLII, will a hearty band from Northshield travel to Drachenfeld to attempt to capture these lands for Their Royal Majesties, Their Heirs, and all of the people of the kingdom.


Victory will not be determined by the blade alone, but by skill at the softer arts as well; music,games of skill.


You are cordially invited to come and celebrate this incursion into foreign lands, for much fun and profit will surely result.


Directions: Take your best route to Glendive, MT, then take Exit 215 south on Merrill Ave.  Proceed approximately two miles, and then take a left on E Barry St. Go four blocks, and then take a right on S Taylor Ave.  Travel six blocks, and then take a left on Snyder St, which turns into the Makoshika State Park Road, and takes you into Makoshika State Park.  The event site (Glendive Noon Lions Camp) is approximately five miles into Makoshika State Park (see webbsite for map).  There will be SCA signs with LED lights placed regularly on the road to the site.


Site opens 12:00PM Friday , closes 12:00PM Sunday.



Site Fee:                          $15/person($60 max/family)

Feast Fee:                      $10/person ($40max/family, lap sitters free).  Feast capped at 45 people.

Cabin Rental:               $10/bed/day (must reserve entire cabin)


MT State Park fees

$5.00 per vehicle

$3.00 per person

$15.00 camping

*Fees are waived for Montana residents paying the $4.00 fee with their vehicle registration.


Checks payable to: SCA, Shire of Dreibrucken


Reservations/deadlines: Cabins and feast must be paid and reserved by September 1.  Send all reservations to Seumas mac Brehon (contact info below)


Event Stewards:

Dreibrucken-Michael Noone(Seumas mac Brehon)

222 West Custer Park Street,Bismarck, ND 58501

(701) 355-4639


Drachenfeld-Jamie Iwen (LadySophia the Wanderer)

PO Box 143 Glendive MT 59330

(406) 365-7080


Feast Stewards:

Drachenfeld-Laina Therrien (MistressElspeth McBain)

204 S Sargent, Glendive MT59330

(406) 365-9681


Dreibrucken-Fred Wiedrich(Frederich av Dreibrucken)

426 Yorkshire Lane Bismarck,ND 58504

(701) 595-1926


Handicap accessibility: Yes for the ground floor of the A-Frame (main hall),which has bathrooms, etc…  No, for the cabins and most Sleepy Hollow facilities.


Site Rules:

1) No fires, except in the designated fireplace

2) Site is discreetly wet,but this is a family event so use good judgment and discretion

3) Park/camp in designated areas

4) This is a rough terrain site.  Exercise due caution, and keep children and pets supervised

5) Pets allowed outdoors only and must be leashed

6) No smoking in any of the campground facilities.  Dispose of buttsin trash receptacles appropriately.

7) Attendees responsible for paying MT park fees

8) Attendees to bring their own bedding

9) The A-frame will likely have music until late, be advised if you are bringing small children

10) Roads in Makoshika State Park are steep, so no large trailers are allowed, but the roads are no issue for cars.  In the event of wet weather(unlikely), the roads are impassable.  If wet weather is forecast, notification will be made to all pre-registrations and on the respective kingdom sites as soon as possible (and refunds given).


Children's activities: Family games (Viking long ship potato sack race,child and adult sized caber toss, combat Golden Apple Competition, and more.


Populace Space: There will be common areas in and around the A-Frame.  There will be room for TRM’s Artemisia and Northshield to set up Their Presence. Please contact Brehon to arrange rooms.


Merchant Space: Space is very limited.  Please contact the event stewards.


Feast Menu: TBA.  Please note all food allergies with pre-registration, along with contact info.

Other meals: Free will donation stew Friday night and brunch Saturday, until gone.  Otherwise, Glendive has some restaurants.


Accomodations: There are 7 cabins (with electricity), with 26 beds.  The A-Frame has 23 cots.  Cabins are available on a pre-paid, first come-first serve basis, the same with the cots. There is also adequate camping space, although no fires will be allowed outside of the A-Frame and Sleepy Hollow lodge.


Website: In the works.

Site website (


Showers: Two showers at the A-Frame Lodge, four showers at Sleepy Hollow.


Off-Board Seating: Seating available for those not wishing to sit feast.




                  12PM                                     Site opens at A-Frame

                  6PM-Whenever                  Everything Stew And Bread (until gone) and open mic bardic


                  10am-gone                            Brunch donated by Dreibrucken in Cabin Hall

                  9am-11am                             Family games (indoor/outdoor), open mic bardic, armor Inspections, pick-ups

                  11am-1pm                             Armored and fencing Atlantean Speed Tourney, open mic bardic

                  1pm-3pm                               Pick-ups,family games (indoor/outdoor), open mic bardic, melee, Troll closes

                  3pm-5pm                               Golden Apple Competition at the Tennis Court

                  6pm (tentative)                  Feast

                  After Feast                             Court,if necessary, then bardic competition (populace bean count)

                  After That                              Open mic bardic, dancing, frivolities, carousing


                  12pm                                         Site closes

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