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Bardic Day in Darkstone

Hosted by: Shire of Darkstone

Start Date: 4/11/2009 Thru End Date: 4/11/2009 43
Northland College (Student Center)
1411 Ellis Ave
Ashland WI 54806

Planned Activities: Bardic Activities , Classes

The Shire of Darkstone (Ashland, WI) invites you to a fun and informal Bardic Day on Saturday, April 11! This event will be held at the Ponzio Student Center on the Northland College campus in Ashland (

The site is dry and free (no fees). Yes, this is an in-costume event!

Bring: feast gear, something to share at feast, snacks or drinks that you will want throughout the day, garb, bardic book(s), handwork projects, musical instruments, your friends or family, yourself!

If you need crash space or local info, please contact Eithne (Lynn Meyers) at 715-209-0344 or For questions about the day's activities, contact Eliane (Jennifer Friedman) at 608-238-7627 or



9:00 am Site opens; arrange space, settle in
10:00 am Class: "What the Heck is Bardic", plus learning Northshield songs & other "classics"
Noonish When we learn enough songs, adjourn for lunch (many restaurants in town)
1:00 pm Singing class: first some discussion, then we'll warm up and sing together, then we'll listen to whoever would like to get some feedback on singing skills
2:30 pm Persona class with THL Kudrun the Pilegrim
4:00 pm Concert--bring out stuff you know well (sign-up at site)
After concert Relax, talk, informal singing, noodle around on instruments, prepare for feast
5:30 pm Potluck feast and two Bardic Challenges (see below)
After feast Bardic circle! We'll do "Pick, Pass, or Play": when it's your turn, either perform something, or request something, or pass.
11:00 pm Site closes


Bardic Challenge #1: Allegory

In the book, "Le Livre du Cueur d'Amour Espris" (The Book of the Heart Captured by Love) by King Rene d'Anjou (1457), the author's heart, personified as a knight in white armor, goes on a journey to the Island of Love to seek the Lady Sweet Grace, with his companions Desire and Generosity. He is captured by an evil baron named Sorrow, then rescued by Honor. In story, song, poetry, or any other medium, give us an allegory where every character and place stands for some larger concept. There will be a copy of the book at the event, or see a summary of the book and many of its stunning illuminations at: (cheesy music warning--you might want to mute your speakers)

Bardic Challenge #2: In the North of the North

Darkstone definitely qualifies as being on the north side of Northshield. As such, it has its own weather challenges every year. Write/perform a poem, song, play scene, speech, instrumental piece, or other creative work about the adventures/tribulations/joys of living northerly. (8 minute time limit; please save stories for another time)

Challenges are not competitions--you win just by participating! There will be sign-up sheets at the event. Challenges will be performed at feast.

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