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Kingdom of Northshield - Ducere Ministrare Illuminare

Silks, Needles & More

Hosted by: Shire of Korsväg

Start Date: 6/6/2009 Thru End Date: 6/6/2009 as XLIV (44)
Temple Baptist Church
corner of 28th Ave N and Broadway
Fargo ND 58102

Planned Activities: Arts & Sciences Display , Arts & Sciences Competition , Classes

The Shire of Korsvag invites one and all to join in a day of classes to hone their skill in the gentle art of needlework.  If weather permits, those who enjoy a less gentle art may don armor and hone their skill in other areas. Lunch will be served on site. Please bring a finished needlework piece to enter in a populace bean count A&S competition. Brief documentation is required and should contain two or three paragraphs describing the piece, the type of needlework used, the culture, time period and materials.


More info coming soon.