Intense Warriors Intense Warriors

Northern Realms War

Hosted by: Shire of Noiregarde (inactive)

Start Date: 6/18/2015 Thru End Date: 6/21/2015 50
Elk Creek Resort
8220 Elk Creek Rd
Piedmont SD 57769

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Archery , Arts & Sciences Display , Arts & Sciences Competition , Bardic Activities , Classes , Dancing , Rapier Combat , Thrown Weapons , Youth Activities , Heraldic Consultation
  • The Shire of Plattefordham in the Kingdom of the Outlands has besmirched the honor of the good Shire of Noiregarde with spurious rumors of poaching.  We cannot let this stand.  Help us defend Northshield against Outland aggression.  War brews in the west.
  • Site Opens Noon Thursday June 18th and Closes Noon on Sunday June 21st
  • Camping Fee $20/adults, $5/children - $20 children camping cap
  •  Site Fee $10 5-16 $8 under 5 $0, merchant $0
  • Checks payable to – Shire of Noiregarde, SCA
  • Reservations/deadlines- May 15, 2015

Please note that these fees are for those tent camping and we're collecting the fee on behalf of the campground (One stop shop as it were).  If you're interested in cabin rental or RV hookups, those need to be arranged directly with the Resort and will need to paid separately.

Event Staff


 Lord Benito il Nero  
phone (605) 858-0613

THL Bran Ironskull

Deputy Autocrat &
A&S Coordinator

THL Apollonia Sybila Rebil  

Merchant Coordinator Lady Sean Morgan Aldheorte na Cettle Well  
Marshall Coordinator Don Martin MacKeegan 
Feast Coordinator Lady Netasha Zviera 
Volunteers: Welcome, Wanted and Wonderful Interested in Volunteering?

Our Volunteer Coordinator: Jaquemine of Lilllyvale and Troll Coordinator: Arnoramoor would love to hear from you.  

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