Fighters taking position Fighters taking position

Rose Tourney - sponsored by Ladies of the Rose and Fellow Royal Consorts

Hosted by: Barony of Nordskogen

Start Date: 9/26/2008 Thru End Date: 9/28/2008 43
Harmony Park Campground
79503 298th St
Clarks Grove MN 56016

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Rapier Combat

Activities Include: Armored and Rapier Combat, Camping.
Teams selected by the Royal Consorts. Sharing your desire to be included is encouraged.
Fighters per team are unlimited. Pickups strongly supported. 
Pageantry and Chivalry to be rewarded.

Campground is a beautiful canopied oak park, located on Geneva lake. No electrical available. Fires allowed within fire rings. Firewood must be purchased on site. Ice and beer for sale on site. Water, showers, and toilets on site.
Grounds are grassy and uneven, though not hilly, with dirt roads. One handicapped porta-potty restroom is available.

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