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Comprehensive Event Report Form

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Welcome to "one-more -report-form"® better known as the Kingdom Post Event Report Form. This report is meant to be filled out by the Event Steward shortly after and within 30 days of the end of the event. The 30 days coincides with the amount of time that is given for the Exchequer's Report to be be done. You do not have to have ALL of the elements available to fill this out but the more the merrier. The point of all of this is to assure communications--between the Event Steward and the rest of the event staff; between the Event Steward and the group hosting the event; and for the future Event Stewards that can look back and see what they might expect, what worked and what can be improved upon for the next time. When filling this form out, please take the time to give a synopsis of each area rather than copy someone else's report in its entirety.

Event Name:
Member Attendance
Minor Attendance
Non-Member Attendance
Site, Feast, Camping, etc.

Marshal's Report
Were there martial activities? What kind? How many marshals of each kind? How many participants of each kind? Where there any incidents that need to be reported here?.

Exchequer's Report
What were the expenses? What was the income? What was the profit/loss? Is there a split of the profit/loss with anyone? What is the non-member surcharge (NMS) to be sent in? Was there any additional surcharge added to the site fee for the Kingdom and/or will a donation be made tot he Kingdom from the event?.

Incident Report
Were there any incidents of note? What was the nature of the incident - Security/injury/fire/weather/other? Briefly describe the incident(s) and how it was managed. If injury, please identify whether or not a minor was involved, if the EMS were called, and/or if the injured person went to ER/urgent care by car.

Other Activities?
Where there classes, A&S competitions, youth activities, games, dancing, etc?

Court Report?
Was there a court? What Kind (Kingdom, Regencey, Barionial, Fools')? Has a Court Report been filed by the Court Herald? Please copy it here if you are able.

What went right?
Please provide a short paragraph with the high points of the event.

What can be improved upon for next time?
Please provide a short paragraph about ways to make the event better the next time.

Please note: When you click submit, you may receive an error message indicating that a mailbox is unavailable. If this happens, your report has been submitted and filed, but you will not receive an email notification. You can press the 'back' button in your browser and re-submit, and it almost always works the second time.

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