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How to Submit Names and Devices

A complete name submission (whether for your persona, alternate name, or household name) should include the following:

  • One copy of the Name Submission form
  • One copy of all documentation for your name
  • A check for $5.00 US made out to "SCA - Northshield College of Heralds"

A complete device or badge submission should include the following:

  • One COLORED copy of the Device Submission form or Badge Submission form (Fieldless Badge form; Lozenge Badge form). Color copies should be done with color markers (Classic Crayola Markers are best). Color printers and color pencils are not acceptable.
  • One BLACK AND WHITE LINE ART copy of the same form. This copy should be a BLACK & WHITE LINE drawing. Black ink or marker is preferable to pencil for this drawing, as they will scan better.
  • One copy of any documentation for unusual charges (if applicable)
  • A check for $5.00 made out to "SCA - Northshield College of Heralds"

A single check may be written out for multiple items (e.g., name and device on one check, etc.).

Official SCA branches (Shires, Cantons, Baronies, Principalities, etc.) do NOT pay for their group name or device submission but still must enclose the appropriate paperwork. However, they must pay for other submissions (order names, badges, etc.).

Mail all materials to Keythong Herald

Posted by: Calamus Schreiber Keythong Herald (Submissions Herald) (KLO) on 1/22/2023

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