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Crown Tournament Announcement

With fall Crown Tournament fast approaching, We want to get a few of the key details out now to help fighters prepare.
The tournament will be a bring your best.
All Northshield legal weapons for armored rattan combat are allowed, under the SCA Inc. Rules of the Lists.

We strongly suggest reviewing The Kingdom of Northshield Armored Combatants Handbook, and all published revisions, as well as the SCA Rules of the Lists.

For the entrants: 1. Either the fighter or the consort must have held, or be holding, a group office. Any level of group, any kingdom. 2. Either the fighter or consort must have a current rapier or C&T authorization.

Obviously, the tournament will be a double elimination, each bout will be best two of three fights.

More details on the tournament format and requirements will be provided in the August Northwatch.

Posted by: Thorbrandr and Thora Their Royal Highnesses on 5/27/2024

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