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Combatants for Spring Crown Tournament

Northshield, I present the combatants and their consorts for this upcoming Spring Crown Tournament:
Sir Geoffrey for Mistress Tatiana
Baron Ulrich for Lady Aesileif
THL Cerhero for Baroness Marguerite
Sir Johns for THL Valka
THL Valka for Sir Johns
Sir Toramassa for Baroness Una
Thegn Samson for Warder Isaac
THL Kagemori for Mistress Moira
Count Thorbrandr for Jarla Thora
Jarla Thora for Count Thorbrandr
Duke Tom for Mistress Wu
Mistress Wu for Duke Tom
Good luck to everyone in the tournament.

Long live Northshield

Posted by: Hans Volsch King on 4/22/2024

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