Skyefyre Darkmoon called "Skye" Skyefyre Darkmoon called "Skye"

November Missive

Greetings, Heralds of Northshield!

This month I am writing to you about Field Heraldry.

The origins of heraldry go back to being able to tell who is who on a battlefield, and we still do this in the SCA. While the fighters fight, the Field Herald is the link between the combat and the spectators.

What Field Heralds do is similar to what sports announcers do. They let everyone know what's going on, who is fighting, and (sometimes) who won each bout.

Field Heraldry is a fun, low pressure way to get involved in voice heraldry. The list table will give you the names of who is next on the list field and who should be preparing to arm, and the marshals will tell you who won the bout. Because the Field Herald has to be on and off the list field frequently, you get a prime front-row view of the tournament!

While every Crown Tournament automatically has a Field Herald – Blawhorn Herald is the Northshield Field Heraldry Deputy who arranges this – every tourney can benefit from heralding. If you’d like to help herald a tourney, get in touch with your local or Regional Herald, or you can reach out to Blawhorn Herald or myself.

I’m looking forward to hearing you!


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Posted by: Ysolt Pais de cuer Polaris Herald on 10/12/2022

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