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September Missive

Greetings, Heralds of Northshield!

This month I am writing about Group Heralds.

In Northshield, each barony is required to have a Group Herald. Their specific responsibilities to their barony will vary from group to group, but it is expected that they will be present at meetings and gatherings so that they can be available to help with any heraldic questions or submissions. If the group holds an event, with court or a tournament, they may be expected to herald those as well. The Group Herald will serve as the voice of the landed Baronage in baronial courts and might wish also to serve the same function at royal courts. In some baronies, they will be expected to report on the awards of the members of the barony.

Smaller groups (shires, cantons, colleges, and villages) are not required to have a Group Herald, but it’s recommended that they do. Their responsibilities to their local group will differ depending on where they are and how the group operates, but it is expected that they will also be available to help with any heraldic questions or submissions and to herald local tournaments.

In all groups, the Group Herald is expected to answer questions about choosing a name and registering it with the College of Arms, choosing a device or arms and registering it, and any other heraldic questions which may come up. They don’t have to know all the answers off the tops of their heads – there is an entire network of experienced heralds already in place to help. The Group Herald is also warranted, which means that, if they choose to, they are eligible to herald a court. (Official courts require the presence of a warranted herald.) I have mentioned before that different heralds focus on different areas – book heralds, tournament heralds, and court heralds – the Group Herald usually works in all three of those disciplines to some extent.

“But I don’t know the answers to heraldic questions!” you might say. Fear not – we have experienced heralds throughout the kingdom who can help you answer them. We have volumes of training and teaching resources available. We have monthly submissions meetings for the sole purpose of training new heralds about what all of the submissions magic is and how it works. Heraldry is a team sport!

Being a Group Herald can be a stepping stone to larger heraldic duties – most of the Regional and other Deputy Heralds got their start working with their local groups. Becoming a Group Herald also means that you become a member of the College of Heralds, the aforementioned network of heralds, which is present in each Kingdom around the Known World.

If you want to become a Group Herald, talk to your local Seneschal. If your group already has a Group Herald, consider offering to serve as their deputy to learn the ropes.

If you want more information about becoming warranted, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing you!


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Posted by: Ysolt Pais de cuer Polaris Herald on 8/30/2022

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