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July Missive

Greetings, Event Stewards of Northshield!

Last month I wrote about Heralds in Charge (aka HiC) from the perspective of a Herald - why you would want to be one, and what you would do as a Herald in Charge. This month I will return to that topic, but from a different angle.

Event Stewards, you want to have a Herald in Charge as a member of your event staff!

The HiC will work with you as you organize your event to figure out when, where, and how Heralds can help. They will take care of organizing the necessary Heralds so that all the various Heraldic jobs can get done. How many people are needed for announcements? How many to work the consulting table? How many for the tournament lists? How many for Court? Additionally, they would be responsible for ensuring that the required paperwork is completed and submitted after the event. While it is possible to complete all of this on the day of the event itself, it is much easier for everyone if the Herald in Charge is involved in advance.

If you need someone to announce scheduled activities such as classes or tournaments, schedule changes, or the existence of a particularly exciting thing (which may or may not have been planned), the Herald in Charge is the person to go to.

Knowing who the Herald in Charge will be makes things easier for any Royalty (or other Important Nobility) who are attending. It gives Them a single point of contact in case They need something herald-y done on the spur of the moment, like holding a brief Court to present an award for something amazing They just saw. A warranted Herald is required to be present for a Court to be official.

Ideally, the Herald in Charge should be a staff member. They will work with the rest of the staff to make sure that any information which needs to be disseminated during the event will reach the ears of the people who need to hear it. Regardless of what you have planned, communications shouldn’t be an afterthought. Having a Herald in Charge on staff means you are building communications into your event plan.

So, like I said, Event Stewards, you want to have a Herald in Charge as a member of your event staff. Think about it, and if you have any questions please contact me.

I look forward to hearing you!


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Posted by: Ysolt Pais de cuer Polaris Herald on 6/13/2022

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