Baron Thomas MacPaul the Younger Baron Thomas MacPaul the Younger

February Missive

Greetings, Northshield!

I am honoured to be your new Polaris Herald! Please join me in thanking Dame Katerinka Lvovicha for her service as my predecessor; she will continue to be a valuable and valued resource to our Kingdom in the months to come.

The position of Polaris Herald focuses on the administration of the College of Heralds, which tends to fall into two categories: the book heralds and the vocal heralds. I have been studying the art of book heraldry on and off for a few years and, while I am certainly not a shining star in that capacity, I have had some excellent tutors who will continue to guide me. I expect to rely on my deputies to continue fulfilling their duties, especially with respect to the registration of names and arms; my main focus has always been vocal heraldry, on the list field and in court.

Heraldry adds much to the pageantry and atmosphere of events. If you want help choosing a name or designing a period-looking device, ask your local herald (or ANY herald)! If you want to get involved by being shouty at events, let us know! The more site heralds at an event, the more people get to hear what’s going on!

I’m looking forward to hearing you!


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Posted by: Ysolt Pais de cuer Polaris Herald on 1/19/2022

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