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Northshield Event Procedures - July 2021

The Board of Directors has decided to loosen many of the SCA-imposed restrictions effective July 1, 2021. Below spells out the requirements for in-person events going forward from that July 1 date:

1. Kingdoms may require the use of masks at their events;
2. The SCA may not provide shared drinking containers or any food served in a buffet-style. Attendees who accept shared drinking containers or buffet-style food from other attendees do so at their own risk. Feast will not be allowed at this time; and
3. All in person activities shall require all who attend to sign in on a roster that provides the legal name of the attendee and some method of contact. That can be email, phone number, or street address.  This roster will be sent to the Minister of Waivers at

The following language is required to appear on all event notices, flyers, online announcements,
and advertisements, as well as being posted in multiple locations, including Troll [Registration], at all events:

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

As has been stated all along, any and all state, provincial, or local health regulations and guidelines will of course need to be followed, including keeping up with changes to government policy based on updated information. Be aware that some local jurisdictions have stricter requirements than their state/province. We also strongly recommend following the safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Public Health Agency of Canada. At this time, individual, sealed, commercial bottles of water may be provided by the event to attendees if necessary.

Additional Requirements for Northshield in-person activities (after July 1, 2021):

Masks must be worn per CDC guidance on how to properly wear a mask for all indoor activities no matter what your vaccination status is -

Masks are required for all activities for those who are not fully vaccinated (vaccination + 2 weeks). Anyone who is fully vaccinated and still wishes to wear a mask is encouraged to do so. Masks are not required for outdoor activities for people who are fully vaccinated after July 1.

Per the Board of Directors Memorandum – Statement Regarding Proof of Vaccinations, Negative COVID Tests, and Temperature Checks of Attendees at Society Events of April 23,2021: Kingdoms, and all groups below Kingdom status, shall only be permitted to request proof of vaccination, a negative COVID test, or temperature checks where required by federal, provincial, state, or local laws.

In addition to the requirements of state/province and local governments and the SCA, Inc.’s Board of Directors, in-person events in Northshield at this time must:
● Submit a plan to the Kingdom Seneschal by email:
○ Showing that the type and size of the event is allowed under current federal, state or province, and local guidelines. A copy of or link to the relevant part of government re-opening language is sufficient, but should include issue and effective dates.
○ Showing the organizer’s specific plans for complying with government and current Kingdom guidelines.
○ The Kingdom Seneschal must approve the plan in writing before the event will be added to the Northshield calendar. “In writing” includes by email or postal mail.
○ All events will take measures to limit the risk of infectious disease transmission.

  • Sign-in Roster:

    • All in person activities shall require all who attend to sign in on a roster that provides the legal name of the attendee and some method of contact. That can be email, phone number, or street address.

    • This roster will be sent to the Minister of Waivers at

    • Preregistration is still allowed and encouraged.  If events wish to utilize PayPal for paid pre-registration please email to coordinate with the Kingdom Exchequer.

Personal responsibility of activity attendees:

Do not attend an in-person activity if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 ( 

A statement of concern for our Populace:

If you have an underlying condition which increases your risk, strongly consider your own health and safety before attending an in-person activity

This missive can also be found here: (

Posted by: Alinore Wyndover Kingdom Seneschal on 6/10/2021

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