Ailleanne ingen Faelin Ailleanne ingen Faelin

Sing Northshield Sing


    Sing Northshield Sing
    Speak the Griffin's name who walks among us
    Sing Northshield Sing
    See the Dragon fly above
    Sing Northshield Sing
    Raise your heads and voices high together
    The Compass Star will shine forever
    Sing Northshield Sing

    Northshield stands
    Holds the lines of battle strong and solid
    Safeguarding lands
    Where our hearts and families live
    For Prince and King
    For our Princess and our Queen we stand here
    Lifting up our swords and banners
    Sing Northshield Sing


    Star Coronets
    Placed upon a pair of brows most worthy
    Prince and Princess
    Here to guide, give light and serve
    Griffin's wing
    Here to lead us proudly into battle
    Or in a chorus in the feasthall
    Sing Northshield Sing


    We are the Shield
    We're the people of this Griffin's lair
    Our hearts are healed
    By the raising of a song
    Feel our sting
    If you must fight then prepare for our steel
    If not then join with us in laughter
    Sing Northshield Sing

    (Chorus twice, or more)

Written by Lady Ysolt Pais de cuer for the occasion of Nordskogen's Twelfth Night celebrations, AS 34, and for the pleasure of Their Stellar Highnesses, Prince Gaylen and Princess Kelinda.

Posted by: Ysolt Pais de cuer on 10/13/2007

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