Many suggestions were made about this hat at Masquerade II Many suggestions were made about this hat at Masquerade II

HRM Kenna's A&S & Crown Tournament

The Tale of the HRM Kenna's Arts and Sciences Competition
& Crown Tournament Within the Lands of Nordskogen

Translated From Old Church Slavonic This Month of June, AS XXXIII
Recorded By Brother Nestor
Told By THL Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev

... "It is late, and the THL Aleksandr will understand that the rest of the chronicle will follow after a good night's meditation.", the monk hoped. The scribe put down his pen, carefully blew on the paper before setting the record aside. He rose from the table and called for the servant to lead him to his quarters, tomorrow he would finish the work.

The next day Brother Nester returned to his scribal efforts ...

It had been some 3 years since Northshield was graced with the Middle Kingdom's premier gathering, the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition and Crown Tournament. Her Most Royal Majesty Kenna sent forth the invite for all to attend to witness the choice of Tanist and Tanista. So it was that 500 gentles traveled from all parts of Northshield and the Kingdom to the Barony of Nordskogen. How would this gathering compare to those of the past held in Nordskogen, - Finnvarr and Caellyn's, - Valerius and Fernanda 'a, - Dag and Ilsa's, or - Ronin and Katya's? Who would follow the line of Royalty( - Merowald and Kirsten, - Corin and Myfanwhy, - David and Tangwystl, and - Finn and Garlanda) that have been born and now are past? How would Northshield's A&S Pentathelon Champion, Sir Tarrach fair against the Kingdom's best? So many questions.

To bear witness from the Barony of Castel Rouge many would seek the road south, HE Gabriela, Lord David, Lady Clare; THL Robin, Mistress Ainesleah; Lady Sian, Lord Hreodbeorht, Lady Faerisa; Sir Wulfgang and THL Aleksandr. Four seperate baggage trains set forth south on the Coronet's Great North/South Highway to the lands of Korsvag where the the Coronet's Great East/West Highway intersected and from there to travel West to the lands of Nordskogen. Each arrived safely in their own time and many of our compa ny sought the hospitality of TE's Anne and Geoffrey, who already were hosting TE's of Jararvellir, Giles and Elashava. There we shared many hours of gentle company until the last of TE's guests, Master Thorvald and family, arrived. With the knowledge that all had arrived and the hour drawing very late we set to a few good hours of rest.

The delightful songs of birds awoke the manor guests. TE's had already departed for the gathering, for as good hosts many a final detail needed to be taken care of at the site. However they had also seen to Their manor guests, Servants had laid out a bountiful breakfast. After fullfilling our morning needs and fortifying ourselves each party departed for what would likely be a very busy day.

The site was monuemental in size and shape with several great halls in each corner for the larger activities(A&S Competition, Feast, Court, Merchants, Tourney Chamber) with many smaller rooms(Royalty Rooms, Scribes, Baronial Rooms, Judge Rooms, etc ). It was easy enough to get lost within it's halls and peroidically some did.

The first day of HMRM's gathering was devouted to the Arts and Sciences competion and meetings of Curia and some of the Peerage Orders, and then Dance. The day was spent in various ways by our Baronial members. HE Gabriela, Lord David and Lady Clare after visiting, viewing the A&S, and not being needed for judging departed the site to enjoy local merchants and great were their rewards but lighter their purses. THL Aleksandr enjoyed the A&S then tended to the business of state in HMRM's Curia. Lady Sian spen t the day tending to the care of the Royalty. Mistress Ainesleah joined the ranks of A&S judges. THL Robin,Sir Wulfgang, Lady Faerisa and Lord Hreodbeorht surveyed the onsite merchants and enjoying the good company. Everyone attending the event had to marvel at the works that were entered in the competition. The entries there were many and of different natures, armour, late and early period garb, a horse cloak, illumination, calligraphy, pysanky, coronet, slate bed, corset, embroidery, stirups, saddle and on and on. Each was simply splendid, and each artisan deserved much credit. Who would win the Pentatholon? Sir Tarrach was up against strong competion from last years A&S Champion, Lady Isabeau ... the next evenings court would announce the HMRM's A&S Champion.

The day drew to a close and the evenings Masked Ball, Dance and Dessert Revel. Our Baronial company withdrew after a long day to TE's manor for a more quiet evening, and were eventually joined by our HE Winifred and Lord Aleid from Carraig Ban. Most retired early for tommorrow would be Tourney Day.

The next morning everyone departed for the site quite early, as it is advisable to stake a good vantage point for viewing as early as possible. The hall was bedecked with many pennants, the Royal pressence on west wall, before it lay the list field dived into 4 equal parts, the list table on the opposite side facing, the populas filled in the rest of hall.

The Hall was called to rise for the entrance of the gathered Royalty and morning court began. Some 40+ combattants and their consorts were called forth and presented to the Crown and populas. Within those ranks there were many Northshielders, to name a few: Sir Tarrach, Sir Wulfgang, THL Aleksandr, Lady Sion, and Lord Ian (there were others as well but memory being what it is ... ah well). The list carried many strong competitors in HG Finn, HG Dag, HG Eliahu, Count Ronin and Sir Ivar as well as another 10 members of the chivalry. Whomever carried the day would not have an easy path. After the presentation their was a brief break before the actual tourney. During this interval THL Aleksandr, Sir Wulfgang and Lord Aleid craved HMRM's attention for it was their intent to entertain with a three part prose extolling the virtues of HE Winifred for whom each was carrying Her favour.(the prose follows)


Sir Wulfgang began:
"Fair Winifred, the noble Baroness
Of our dear sister land of Carraig Ban,
Inspires my strength and courage in this quest
To make her Queen of all the MidRealm Lands.

Fair Winifred is gentle, strong, and wise;
Great courage and compassion she has shown.
These qualities I wish to recognize
By placing Her upon the Dragon Throne."

THL Aleksandr followed:
"Fair Winifred deserves a Royal place
Among the MidRealm bards heroic tales;
Inspired by Her Excellency's grace,
My courage in this tourney shall not fail.

Fair Winifred already is a Peer
Whose past long years of service are reknowned.
She travelsfar to spread goodwell and cheer,
And would great honour bring unto the Crown."

Lord Aleid concluded:
"Fair Winifred, my lovely Lady wife,
Whose sweet and tender Love holds me enthralled,
Inspires me now to undertake all strife
To win the crown, or honourably fall.

Fair Winifred would be a splendid Queen
Of Love and Beauty, Patroness of Art -
For all these things she has already been,
As She shall ever be, within ny heart."

Her Majesty Kenna and HE Winifred both seemed equally pleased.

The tourney followed shortly thereafter and many great shows of prowess and chivalry followed. Unfortunatly our sister Barony's banner fell along the path as each THL Aleksandr, then Sir Wulfgang and finally Lord Aleid were eliminated. So to did the road for Northshield's entrants also end bested by honourable foes. In a very swift tourney(it lasted about 2 1/2 hrs) the final four stood in HG Dag, Lord Micheal al Cluin, Count Ronin, and Sir Ivar. In a close fought match HG Dag and Sir Ivar battled flourintine, where HG Dag prevailed. In the other semi-final Lord Michael's glaive bested Count Ronin's flourintine. So the die was cast. In the first round of the finals HG Dag's sword and shield bested Lord Micheal's glaive. The second round saw both combattants use florintine and in this Lord Micheal proved victorious. The final round was frought with expectation and anticipation. With a skillful thrust HG Dag won the day for his Lady Elayna and the Kingdom's future was secured.

For HMRM Kenna another Curia meeting followed by another Peerage meeting. In the mean time many pitched in to clear the tourney hall and return it to it's earlier pristine nature. Thanks to all who helped for it was a very large task. Soon after the feast hall was beginning to be arrayed. The style of feast was an opportunity for each sitting of nobles to compete in style of table setting and pagentry of their own meal. Some 200 folk enjoyed this friendly contest and were entertained by many notable bards, two of which were HE Conn and Mistress Wyndreth. It was a fun filled evening for those attending the feast. But not all who attended the day could attend the feast. Our own Castel Rouge folk with Carraig Ban settled on the favorite Inn of TGI Freyday's and great was their feasting and shared company. With feast concluded the final business of the day, HMRM's court followed.

In a great theatre, all the folk gathered. "All rise for Her Most Royal Majesty Kenna, Queen of the Middle Kingdom.", the Herald cried. Into court followed Northshield's own Royalty of Prince Cnut and Princess Nina, and the Lord Heir Belrix and Lady Heir Prism. Northshield's Court entailed some honours(see a Northwatch for details), the first awarding of the Princesses Favour for Archery to Lord Hreodbeorth and the recognition of the entrants of the Principality A&S Competion held previously in Korsvag. All were thanked for competing and doing Northshield and themselves proud. In the Kingdom Royal Court that followed the new Tanist and Tannista, Dag Thorgrimmsson and Elayna Lilley, were invested as Royal Heirs. Oaths of Fealty followed from the Royal Heirs, the Peerages, the Baronage and populace. Earlier in the day Sir Jafar's Memorial Quilt was in display for all to appreciate. In court HG Dagan also wished to further our past sovereign and His close friends memory. The following scroll was read into court.

"Know ye herewith that the International Star Registry doth hereby redesignate star number Camelopardalis RA 4h 19m 50s D 56 degrees 43 minutes to the name Jafar al-Safa. Know ye further that this star henceforth be known by this name. This name is permanently filed in the Registry's vault in Switzerland and recored in a book which will be registered in the Copyright Office of the United States of America." HG Dagan continued, "... Jafar's name would alsways be known to the heavons, and we would have a star always visable to remind us of him." Many tears and cheers followed.

Next, the Kingdom's A&S Penatholon Champion was named, to the cries of congratulations of the audience Northshield's own Sir Tarrach Alfsson was recognized and invited to stand in court. The matter of War was raised and some of the unbelted Champions were named. From Northshield Lord Leif Grey fox, Lord Adrien de Troyes, Lord Kenneth die Katze and Lord Arslan joined the 30 honourable Lords mentioned. Many other Kingdom honours followed (for a more complete record seek the Pale or Northwatch) some of which w ere Lord Kenric, the Principality Chronicler recieving a Dragon's Heart for great service; Lord Kindorn Broadbelt receiving a Dragon's Heart for his 18 years of joyful service in Eastern Northshield; Lord Vladimar recieved a Purple Fret for service to his group; HE Elspeth recieved a Grant of Arms for many years of service to the Kingdom; from Castel Rouge Lord Rhodri recieved the Dragon's Barb and Lady Siobhan the Order of the Willow for Calligraphy and Illumination. Many more worthy honours were well witn essed by an attentive audience. Court closed with HMRM Kenna's deep thanks to Nordskogen and Northshield for making Her and Jafar's A&S and Crown such a resounding success. Court was closed. "All rise ..."

Soon after the great site was emptied, and many departed for the meriad post revels that were planned. Our folk from Castel Rouge shared part of the evening with our Carrag Ban friends, part with our fellow Northshielders, part with our friends from the rest of the Kingdom, and finally with our hosts. THL Aleksandr and HE Geoffrey were the last to check in philosophizing until near to 5am. But they too finally sought rest.

It was a pleasure, to see the Principality gathered for such a great occassion. The next day our farewells were made and everyone travelled safely to their homes to spread the news of the history they had seen, and been a part of. For the Middle - HOOBAH! For Northshield - SKOLD! The next large event in the Principality would be Investiture and Coronet in the Shire of Rockwall but that would be another tale.

Brother Nester put his quill aside. It was time for a mid-day meditation and prayers. He would return to his recording later in the day to complete the month of May in Northshield, a "Arthurian Quest in Castel Rouge".

Posted by: Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev on 10/13/2007

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