Thorbjorn hausakljufr Halfdanarson called "ThunderBunny" Thorbjorn hausakljufr Halfdanarson called "ThunderBunny"

For Leif and Astrid's Investiture

By Lady Fiona of the Harp

Journeying from near and far
From hills and prairies too
By wagon and by horse and cart
To greet our princess new
Leif and Astrid join the ranks
Of prince and princess too
They ascend the stellar thrones
And over Northshield rule

A giant among men he stands
Moved by Astrid's fire
Next to him she seems quite small
Her spirit soars yet higher
The coronet he won for her
A princedom to acquire
Now peers and lords and ladies fair
Shall see what she inspired

Leif and Astrid gave the call
To warriors bold and true
"Come to Nordskogen and fight
We seek for heirs anew
With bravery and brotherhood
Fight for honor too
To be heir you must be strong
And stand among the few

(c)2003 Rita Nauman

Posted by: Orlaith Ballach Inghean Fhlain on 10/13/2007

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