Be wary of ladies weilding big guns Be wary of ladies weilding big guns


Greetings Armored Combatants!

We are working on updating the Clerk of the Roster database. If you have not yet updated your contact information and authorizations with the Clerk of the Roster, please do so as soon as you can. This way we can have and accurate accounting of Armored Combat in Northshield.

The new MIT process is nearing completion. Look for updates from the Kingdom Earl Marshal. The process will include a written test, possible classes, and a marshal’s authorization. If you are interested in the process, please join the nscombat email list.Remember to concentrate on sun protection and hydration as you go about the summer fighting season.

See everyone at Warriors and Warlords!

Cyveiliog “Cy” McKinely

Other missives from the Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal (KLO)
Posted by: Cyveiliog McKinley Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal (KLO) on 7/1/2007

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