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October Missive

Greetings, Good Gentles,

As many of us are still reeling from the announcement that events are canceled until next year, it can be helpful to work toward the times to come. Therefore, we encourage you to find distraction and satisfaction by focusing on how to help future newcomers by adding useful items to your local group’s Gold Key. (Gold Key includes garb, feast gear, hats, etc., that can be loaned out to visitors, guests and to newcomers for their first few events.) Several groups do not have sufficient Gold Key items for newcomers, or they lack a full range of garb in sizes for all ages. Items that are most often needed include nondescript garb that can adjust to fit a range of sizes such as drawstring pants. Simple, but nicely made are the best, not just for years of durability and multiple washings, but also to help our newcomers feel more comfortable at events. Hoods, hats, and tunics both long and short are also great. When in doubt, larger sizes are better, as it is easier to take something in than add gores. Please look through your collections and see if there is anything you no longer have use for and consider contributing it to the Gold Key. Or, if you have the means, make something new. Please reach out to your group Chatelaine or to the Kingdom Chatelaine Office if you wish to contribute items. Those of you who are new can utilize this time to learn about the SCA, make garb (outfits), make connections, and even work on creating a persona. Your local group,, and all have resources to help you with these endeavors. Or, as always, please feel free to contact one of us. Let’s look forward with hope and take action to have a more welcoming atmosphere for our new friends for the next year to come.

Thank you for your help.

Yours In Service,

Coquette & Rúna

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Posted by: Marguerite Coquette de Lyon Kingdom Chatelaine (KLO) on 9/11/2020

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