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December 2011 Northwatch Missive

Greetings and Good Holiday Cheer!

There are a few things I wish todiscuss in this missive. First, quarterly reports are due the 15thof this month. Please have these submitted in a timely manner. I would like tohave a greater than 50% return rate this quarter. You can find the online formon the Northshield website. If you are having difficulty finding the form, ortrouble submitting it, please let me know and we can find an alternate methodof submission.

Secondly, please remind yoursuccessors (whenever you decide to step down from your office) to please sendin a written change of officer form as soon as possible as well as submit anonline change of officer form. This needs to be done as soon as possible. Irely on this information for several things including my report, the warrantlist that is submitted to the Crown and to the SCA, and I use this informationto send on requests for more information. It can be embarrassing to sendinformation to one person only to find out they have not been a Chatelaine forquite some time. They also need to request access to our Yahoo Groups forum. Thesooner this is accomplished the better.

Thirdly, for those who may not beaware of this, I am due to have my second child at the end of this year. I willbe taking a few weeks off and Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn has graciouslyagreed to step in as my acting deputy while I recover. Please make sure todirect all questions or concerns to her in my “laying in” period. I will beback to my full duties before the end of the first quarter. Just in time toreceive your first quarter reports!

Lastly, I hope to be able to outlinesome timetables and goals for the New Year. We will be focusing on newcomersand demos as well as a new demo link to the Northshield webpage. I will havemore information on that at a later time so stay tuned!

Thank you for all the work you havedone this past year. I am very proud of the dedication you have all shown inwelcoming new people to the SCA and I really look forward to seeing what you accomplishin the New Year! Enjoy your winter holidays and may the coming year bring youwarmth, happiness, and joy!

Yours ever in service to Northshield,


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Posted by: Isabella Beatrice della Rosa Kingdom Chatelaine (KLO) on 12/1/2011

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