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May Missive

Salvete, Northshield,

My name is Domina Berenice Calvina, and I am your new Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. I am excited to be appointed to this job and hope I can assist in making A&S even better for our Kingdom. Here’s little bit about me.

I have been involved with the arts and sciences since I first joined the SCA 20 years ago. During that time, I have served as shire MoAS, SUN chancellor, and as the kingdom emergency MoAS. I have entered my handiwork into bean counts, event competitions, and the Kingdom A&S competition. I have displayed, taught classes, and helped host regional get-togethers. I and other members have started the Northshield Farming Guild, and we are having fun with that. I love the A&S aspect of the SCA.

I have a goal. Our Kingdom is large and spread out, with many shires having low  membership and being physically isolated. Traveling to large events is often expensive and requires long, long hours in the car. It is 14 hours by auto from Schattentor on the western border to Skerjastrond on the east. What can be done to enable all of Northshield to play together?

I want to find a way to reach out and include everyone who faces those challenges, to make A&S vibrant and satisfactory and just plain fun no matter how far away the next shire or event is. I am exploring various ideas, and am open to any suggestions. Please reach out to me with your ideas, your dreams, and especially your frustrations. Knowing what is not going well is the first step to fixing it. My email is, and I hope to hear from you.

Your servant,


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Posted by: Berenice Calvina Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 4/23/2020

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