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August 2011 Northwatch Missive

Greetings to the people ofNorthshield,

We invite all to two tournaments weare hosting. First, Her Highnesses’ Princess Sleeve Tournament will be held inthe newly raised Shire of Wynandremer on September 3. Come enjoy the day inbeautiful Lum Park on the shore of Rice Lake. We also will be hosting a Crown Tournamentto continue the royal line of Northshield. This tournament will be held in theBarony of Nordskogen. The requirements and format can be found in the jointmissive from Baroness Marwen and ourselves. We look forward to sharing both ofthese events and many others with the people of this kingdom.

May Your Journeys Be Safe,

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Vladimir and Petranella Their Royal Highnesses on 8/1/2011

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